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  1. Looking forward to the update. Also, Congratulations Christian!
  2. Pause at TOD allows simmers to walk away from the PC and return at a later time. This is useful for me, especially I only get 30 minutes in the morning and "maybe" an hour at night, to enjoy this hobby. Having this option allows me to come back to the sim, and start the decent without the aircraft running out of fuel or doing circles above the arrival airport.
  3. Ok, another flight tested. Upon selecting "Create minidumps on crashes" option in the CRJ manager and trying the flight again, it did not crash until later in the flight. (About 1 hour in, to be exact). This was unusual, since all the crashes before that point were within the same area\altitude. Again, this was caused by clicking the PFD or ND to bring up the 2D popup. Upon searching for ASCRJ*.dmp in my P3D main folder, it did not come up with any such file. Even with the option selected in the CRJ manager. Any suggestions with this? Thank you.
  4. Ok, this took me a while but, finally saw that GSX is NOT the culprit. Sorry for suggesting that. I tried doing the flight again and got the crash (without GSX) Details can be found below: Running the following: P3Dv4.2, Win10 CRJ v1.0.6.0 Orbx NA PNW FSDT CYVR Flightbeam KDEN ASCA/ASP4+ Envtex Flight details: CYVR to KDEN Aircraft: CRJ9 Route: HUH DCT TWISP DCT WEDAK DCT OPPEE MOLTN3 Details: Started Gate 85, taxi to RW08R departure, direct HUH then TWISP. Upon reaching FL200 or above, I click the ND in order to view the 2D popup, sim freezes with a CTD. I can confirm there is no error within event viewer under "administrator events". I can usually see something if it crashes with a different aircraft, but nothing for this one. Upon selecting "Create minidumps on crashes" option in the CRJ manager and trying the flight again, it DID not crash. It's the first time out of 8 flights now that it hasn't crashed. The only thing different was selecting that option within the CRJ manager... any idea's on that one? I'm out of them. I will have to keep trying in order to obtain the dump file. Sorry this is taking so long. Thanks
  5. Hi Hans, Recently been having issues with ntdl.dll\CTD's with other products. Seems that GSX may be the culprit here (still unsure and will keep testing). Just for some background information, I've been getting the dreaded ntdl.dll error often. Upon reading up on the GSX forums, a user pointed out that GSX might have something to do with it. The users recommendation was to "restart the couatl module" after push back. i haven't had a CTD yet after trying this. I still have to give that last flight a go, just to make sure it wasn't the CRJ. If I don't get the same reproducible CTD, then we know there is something wrong with GSX\couatl algorithms. I don't want to say it is GSX but, seems to be headed in that direction. I will report back with my findings.
  6. Hi Hans, hope you are well. Yes, I am able to reproduce this. I will try your suggestions and get you the ASCRJ.dmp for you. I am using a MSI GTX 1050ti graphics card. (Nvidia). I'll get the file for you soon. Should I send it to you as PM? Thank you.
  7. Hi Mathijs, Just to add to this discussion, I can confirm that I'm running into the same CTD, when selecting the display pop-ups in flight. On the ground, they seem to work just fine as ffm777 mentioned. I was able to re-produce the issue 3 times in a row. P3Dv4.2, Win10 CRJ v1.0.6.0 Orbx NA PNW FSDT CYVR Flightbeam KDEN ASCA/ASP4+ Envtex Departing CYVR, while selecting any pop up, either it's the ND, FO FMC, it will CTD. For me, it's happened 10,000ft or above. I can supply you the specific route as well, if you'd like. Thank you.
  8. Thanks Neal! I'll give that a go and report back if it still happens.
  9. I see that a beta service pack was provided for the NAV issue, so I will give that a shot. Although, I have searched the forum for dual TOD markers on the ND. Did not come up with anything, I'm afraid. Does address this issue? Thanks.
  10. I simply hit down vote because I didn't think your answer was beneficial nor helpful. Isn't that what the vote system is for? It shouldn't be anything personal. As I stated in my reply, I wanted to ensure you had all the details on the occurrence. I have yet to see a topic with dual TOD markers... Unbelievable.... Nice attitude to have towards your paying customers.
  11. Sorry for opening another thread. I may not spend as much time on the forums as others, so I may not be up to date with the latest. I wanted to ensure that you were aware of the specific route I had these issues on. Which thread should I be looking at?
  12. Good evening, Been having issues with the CRJ after the latest updates. Seems that the aircraft will not follow flight path properly. Here are the details P3DV4 ASP4 + ASCA Orbx NRM + PNW FSimStufios Calgary FSDT Vancouver CRJ 900 Version: i5-7600 GTX 1050ti Corsair Vengence 8GB 2400mhz 1TB SSD Route: CYYC > CYVR Flightplan: PIGEN2 V304 SPRAE J508 MERYT DCT BOOTH BOOTH1 Upon entering the SPRAE way point on departure, the flight director showed a right turn when the aircraft started a left turn. (Should be a left turn towards J508 > MERYT). So, the aircraft did the proper turn towards MERYT, however, the FD eventually caught up with the aircraft. Shortly after, the aircraft continued the left turn (totally missing the flight path) until I disengaged NAV mode. I recovered with heading but, upon selecting Direct MERYT and activating NAV, the aircraft started a left turn again. I tried fixing the issue by selecting direct to MERYT but, no flight path was drawn on the ND. I've tried multiple way points which showed the same result. I took a screenshot of direct VITEV. (Attached). My last issue is with TOD. As you can see by my other attached file, it shows two TOD markers on the ND page. This happen after I selected the direct to function. The aircraft advisory VNAV did not work after that. Totally missed the Alt restrictions and TOD indication. I ended up canceling the flight. Please let me know if you would like me to test something on my end. Thanks for your time.
  13. Thanks for your response. Even with the single taxi light, it illuminates the buildings to a substantial amount. Even during the day, it's pretty bright. I've tried to reduce the HDR setting but it still looks a little excessive. I appreciate your time.
  14. I am also seeing issues with frame rates on my end. Seems that, when in the VC, it causes a fluctuation from 50 frames down to 20, every couple of seconds. External views are fine, though.
  15. Hi Mathijs, I do find the lighting very bright on my end. Is there not a way to reduce the brightness of the lights themselves? Without tampering with my current HDR settings? Thank you.
  16. I had issues with this as well but, I found that the ATC SEL rotary knob was not in the "1" position. It was on "STBY". You can find this under the weather radar controls on the lower pedestal. Also, TA\RA activates automatically above 800AGL.
  17. Thanks very much, Hans. Will try again today.
  18. I am also having this issue. Proper Freq into NAV 1. LOC1 / GS showing as green. Shows GS captured on the display but does not follow it. Cheers,
  19. I have the same issue in V4. TCAS does not want to activate for some reason. Even with TA Only or Auto, TCS rings show but shows "off" as the status on the ND. Cheers,
  20. Is it just me? Or do these 330's land very graciously? I was watching them land at YVR the other day. Very impressive. That gear system is quite amazing. To be honest, never really paid attention to it before. Can't wait to finally get nice landing rates.
  21. Can't understand why people come here to complain.. Regardless of that, just wanted to say: Keep up the great work, Aerosoft! I've been flying the A320 a lot lately. I can't wait for the A330. If it's anything like your previous buses, I'm sure it will be a big hit. Cheers,
  22. Absolutely stunning work! Really looking forward to this. Thanks for sharing the progress.
  23. I'm really looking forward to this one. I've purchased your A320\321 and love it. If it's anything like your other Airbus, it will be a winner. Keep up the great work, the modelling looks amazing. Cheers,
  24. An A380 would be a pretty unique product and very much enjoyable, especially if it's along the lines of your current Airbus line of products. Very much looking forward to the A330, by the way. All the best.
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