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  1. I would have to disagree about the advanced version. I myslef would fork out over £100 for an advanced version of this product, I am fairly sure I am not alone. Having said that I am sure to thoroughly enjoy the basic. Regards D
  2. Hi everyone, maybe it has been asked before (and I apologies for asking again) Is there or will there be a preview video of the beta? Just to get a feel for the product in terms of sounds, motion etc.. Regards Dave
  3. I got a couple of questions, one of you might have the answer! Will I be able to fly from the right seat? and second question, I heard of an another forum that this Airbus would not have "push button" function. I am not sure what that means? Regards Dave
  4. That was a genuine question. I don't understand why people are voting down my post. Some people have nothing better to do.
  5. I guess I only have one question, apologies if it has already been asked. Will the map display show radius turn curves? Regards D
  6. I am a newly registered member on this Forum and I really wonder why it took me so long. I came across the Topic posted by Mathijs "Why I get 50 fps in FSX and you might not". This topic is closed so I couldn't comment on it. But I really wanted to say how amazed I was that Mathijs actually spend the time to compile and post this superb list of specs and setting, let me tell you this is almost unseen in the community. I was really speechless. How fantastic for a company like Aerosoft to have people like you Mathijs. Absolutely fantastic. This is such a proof of dedication to this forum, the company itself, but also the community which you serve with real talent. You not only bring experience but know-how and most of all passion, you are such a credit to Flight Simulation. I am sorry I had to open another topic to say this but it just had to be said. Thank you. Dave.
  7. Really outstanding work, really..
  8. BAE are flown a lot at City and I am sure Aerosoft are going to make a really good one, but I am an Airbus man, I really love the "comfort" of FBY. I am not really familiar with BAE. But thanks for the info, I will also keep an eye on that one. D
  9. It would be Fantastic!
  10. I have been looking at the new London City Airport scenery for FSX and it looks absolutely amazing! I just would dream to match this with the Airbus X but sadly I believe there are no plans for a 318 version. I am waiting with anticipation for this new bus for FSX, i fact the only one worth buying but I would have loved to be able to also land at city with that new plane. Sadly the runway lenght at city will not allow me that pleasure. I wanted to know what other simmer feel about missing out on the shorter version of this bus? Maybe a change of heart from those talented people at Aerosoft to reconsider including the shorter A318? I'd pay for it! Have a safe flight, best regards Dave
  11. Hi Mathijs It seems a bit odd if I may say that you have no plans of including a 318/319 as the FBW is identical. I don't think it is at all too much work to replicate the 320 systems onto the smaller body of the 318/319. Could you explain why the decision was made to only focus on the 320/321? It would have made more sense to leave out the 321 and put the 318/319. By not including the 318/319 that means I cannot fly to London city with your new Airbus X. I was planning on purchasing your London City airport add-on but I am now thinking twice as I will not be able to land there with your 320. If that all make sense. By not having the 318/319 we are restricted to a certain runway length, a bit of a shame, your London City scenery for FSX looks amazing. Regards Dave
  12. Thank you Mathijs. What a wonderful job you have done with this product! I can't wait. In Aerosoft we trust.
  13. Could someone tell me when this Bus is to be release for download? Many thanks, Dave
  14. Hi Chris, Is there already a Download version available of this product? I can't seem to be able to find anything in the shop other than a pre-order box version? Best tegards Dave
  15. Could I ask, is this product released yet? I can't seem to see any online marketing for it, not even on Aerosoft front page? Regards
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