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  1. Thanks Mathijs, I know you guys are going to get there, take all the time it takes to polish this wonderful aircraft and we'll be there when it's ready. All the best wishes for testing. Regards D
  2. That's more than fair enough, Thanks Mathijs Regards D
  3. Cheers Chris, I use Ezdock too, is the FO FGMC enabled on the Airbus X or is it only static at the moment? Regards D
  4. FO capability please. I like the right seat, I am not ready for the left seat just yet! Regards D
  5. You can look at this video of a 320 on final up to landing at LFMN and you will notice only a tiny amount of flex, also taking into account LFMN is usually a windy approach. I get your point about the flex being a really nice extra feature but I think the masses would rather gain the few FPS and stability other the flex. Remember Airbus X focuses on PF workload. Regards D
  6. Honestly, the wingspan on the 320 is not long enough to notice any flex. We surely can't see it from the flight deck. You would have to be standing in front of the wing to be able to catch it and this product is focused on PF workload not plane spotting. Regards D
  7. This Bus looks old and dirty, can I have mine brand new and shiny please? Regards D
  8. Thanks for uploading these. Still a shame about the lack of shine of the paintwork! Paintwork still looks very dull. I wonder if something can be done to add a bit of shine to these liveries. Aircraft paint always have a shine, Airbus X seem to lack that part. Regards D
  9. Hi Mathijs Tried that but the throttle is still as hard as hell, not really impressed on that front. Any other tip? We are waiting for Saitek to come back to us.
  10. Double bogie are much safer though Timo, I always thought the 320 should have had it as standard, but still love it single. My cousin who has been working for Airbus for 30 years + could probably talk a bit more on the subject! D
  11. They do look nice on the 320, thanks for posting John
  12. Yes that is the reason why I put my question like that because BA wouldn't really have this option on but Air India would, and as we are talking about one developer making all the liveries it was simpler asking that way, if that make sense. Cheers D
  13. Hi Mathijs, Can you tell me, will the Airbus X have the double-bogey gear option on certain liveries? Regards D
  14. We'll get the X65 F delivered in 2 days, so just in time to test it on the Airbus X
  15. Hi Mathijs, will the Bus have the single switch on the center pedestal to enable rudder trim, enabled? Regards D
  16. May I also add; The flare begins at approximately 20 feet. Do not delay the touchdown with a prolonged float. Tail strike occurs at approximately 12° degrees of pitch with the landing gear compressed. (de-crag technique should be used for crosswind landings) D
  17. I don't come into forums to kick off debates or be judge and jury to what should be defined as a "good or rubbish" post. There are moderators to do that job (I don't believe you are one of them), I come here to find answers and/or contribute to discussions about the product (should I be in a position to do so otherwise I restrain from posting irrelevance, maybe more people should adhere to that rule?). Again your post has done nothing to contribute to this thread. As mentioned above, my questions had already been perfectly answered with courtesy by Chris, I am not too sure what you think you are adding on by signing in and posting on this thread. (End of.) Regards D
  18. Are you the Forum police? I politely suggest you refrain from replying to post if you do not have an answer that is anything else than trying to be patronising. Trying to fuse or ignite a debate isn't really productive posting. Furthermore the post was addressed to Chris who himself gave a sound and logical explanation. Regards D
  19. Hi Chris, I am not sure I remember what was the reason for excluding this function from this product? I didn't think adding the SID/STAR would be such a problem not to include it? Was it really a big technical issue? Regards D
  20. I agree with you. I did ask the question about cockpit lights earlier on this thread. And the answer is light won't be "adjustable". I do like it to be but such is Aerosoft's decision on the matter. I always find it a plus to be able to control the light within the cockpit, not everybody likes the same amount of darkness on the instruments and it is a nice little function to have. Not a deal breaker, just a nice + to have. I did find the light a bit too "orange" on those preview shot I have to admit, we are not used to see that kind of light reflection on the 320. All the best, D
  21. Mathijs, thank you for this update. We are eagerly waiting for this product to come out. I have a couple of questions and I am hoping I am not echoing some previous posts, I apologies in advance If you already have answered this in some degree. 1 - will there be a way to control the light in the VC? I know a lot of people find this tool very useful, (when this is done properly). When flying at night or in low light, it does help the vision withint he VC. 2 - will the cockipt warning sounds and GPWS be replicated acurately as in the real Airbus. (On what Airline did you base your sound pack from ?) I know it varies from Airline to Airline. Many thanks, and all the best, D
  22. One thing lacking in all those aircraft on touch-down is the shake on touchdown. The aircraft always seem like its landing on a pillow. Will Aerosoft try to replicate the shake on touchdown? Best regards D
  23. 2 genuine questions, you guys might know the answers: first, will the navigation display arc degree turn on the map?, and second: will the "roll down the runway" sound be replicated? What I mean by that is beside engine noise, all other noise that is generated in the cockpit when rolling down the runway, I'll call it cockpit sound! : ) Regards Dave
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