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  1. Doesn't work via the livery manager! , manual installation also doesn't work!
  2. Hello. I bought the Simcheck A300 a few days ago and was happy with it, the only downside: the cdu. So I searched if there isn't a new cdu for it, and with that I saw the fmc expansion, I bought it directly and installed. First there wasn't any fmc, but I managed to install it properly afterwards. But I didn't had time to fly as it was late at night and I needed to sleep, that was yesterday. Today I finally had time to fly the A300 with fmc but directly after I wanted to configure the fmc, I sadly needed to realise, that whenever I want to insert the letters into the fmc they don't appear. Whatever I did, nothing showed up. Please help me fix this. Regards Victor.
  3. Yes it turned out that I did have a AFCAD for EDDK, so I deleted it and everything went back to normal. Thanks for your help. Victor (Sorry for answering so late)
  4. And a photo of my scenery library. Because it didn't let me do a screenshot
  5. Hello, I have just bought myself German Airports 2 Cologne Bonn X. But I have a strange elevation Issue where the aerosoft scenery is above the default one. And when taxiing above it, I fall trough the not solid taxiway of the aerosoft one and land under the scenery. The same thing happens when taking off. The AI aircraft that are standing at the gates are all under the ground. I have disabled everything that had to do with EDDK before (like my freeware scenery that I had before). And I also want to mention that I do NOT use ORBX products. I hope you can help me to fix this. Regards, Victor. P.S. screenshots will follow.
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