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  1. Is it possible to connect the jetways to aircraft at WADD or not?
  2. How do I setup the throttle slider on the TCA sidestick in the CRJ EFB?
  3. Noticed there's no way to move into the modelled cabin using the ALT+arrow keys to setup a custom view of the cabin using CTRL+ALT+1,etc In some of the default aircraft in Flight Simulator, I can move past the cockpit into the cabin with the ALT+arrow keys but not in the Aerosoft CRJ. Though I can use the drone camera to look at the modelled cabin, it's less than ideal as you can't setup a custom view as you would in the cockpit view, yet there are some preset views which I like. What'd I like to have is ability to have a view like this but in cockpit view:
  4. Are the any preset wing or cabin views for showcase mode?
  5. How should I configure the TCA Sidestick for the CRJ?
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