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  1. Why can't baggage services or ramp connections be used at Moncton? Also the option to request pushback is available at some gates but doesn’t work due to the lack of pushback tugs. Will these be added in an update?
  2. Looking forward to this airport-I love flying around Germany in MSFS!
  3. Is it possible to connect the jetways to aircraft at WADD or not?
  4. How do I setup the throttle slider on the TCA sidestick in the CRJ EFB?
  5. Noticed there's no way to move into the modelled cabin using the ALT+arrow keys to setup a custom view of the cabin using CTRL+ALT+1,etc In some of the default aircraft in Flight Simulator, I can move past the cockpit into the cabin with the ALT+arrow keys but not in the Aerosoft CRJ. Though I can use the drone camera to look at the modelled cabin, it's less than ideal as you can't setup a custom view as you would in the cockpit view, yet there are some preset views which I like. What'd I like to have is ability to have a view like this but in cockpit view:
  6. Are the any preset wing or cabin views for showcase mode?
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