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  1. What do you call the man that leaves christmas presents for your cat? Santa Paws! *Ba Dum Tish* I'm here all week....
  2. definately the a318/19 , maybe even release the models as an expansion for the current airbus x
  3. have just looked through all 42 pages of this thread, didn't see a BMI (British Midland) Livery. if anypne would be so kind http://www.airliners.net/photo/BMI-British-Midland/Airbus-A319-131/1768291/L/&sid=d8e350f18b3b5d30b3c8d9c7d385372b http://www.airliners.net/photo/BMI-British-Midland/Airbus-A321-231/1769648/L/&sid=d8e350f18b3b5d30b3c8d9c7d385372b
  4. i saw it too, very unprofessional, considering he helped out with the sounds aswell.
  5. thanks for clearing that up chris . definately on the 'to-buy' list
  6. so if ATC instructs me to descend or climb, how do i do that?(via autopilot). Is vertical speed/simplified VNAV going to be the only way to do this? or can i set an airspeed and have the aircraft climb/descend at that airspeed, even if it is simplified. thanks
  7. have been following the airbus thread(s) for a while now, looking fantastic. One question, will the airbus equivalent of (boeing's) FLCH (level change) be modelled? i cannot remember what it is called, maybe optimum climb/descend? thanks
  8. had a quick look through this thread, can't seem to find any mention of 2D panels anywhere, does the airbus x come with them? Cheers
  9. thanks very much Mathijs . hopefully not too long now
  10. hey team, this question just struck me. for the advanced version you have mentioned that it will be a low cost upgrade to the original release. will you be able to do this for both download and boxed versions (optimistically speaking ofc )
  11. today is the 13th of may, so unlikely
  12. the calm before the storm.....hopefully
  13. a proof reader is someone who reads it through and make sure all is correct spelling and grammar wise. Very useful to have if your native language isn't english
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