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  1. Hello to everyone. Just to be sure. I have received an update notifications on aerosoft one regarding the CRJ SERIES with v1.0.15.0. Is another on the way to be delivered? Thanks.
  2. Hi Sasa. what i´ve notice since (so maybe is my PC specs) is , if i point the camera somewhere else and i go back to the initial view , building , object are back in place and "vice versa". But yes, i will try that and i´ll let you know. One more time thank you for your time and the support.
  3. Hi @Sasa Here it is
  4. Absolutely, except that i was flying with the PC-6 from Milviz...
  5. Yes amazing work have been done ! I really enjoy it and thank you @BritishAvgeek for the nice video
  6. @Mathijs Kok No one.
  7. Hello everyone. After being flying during a while on the way back to Rothera, after landing some objects on the scene are up in the air.... Any idea? In advance thanks for the support.
  8. Thanks for the reply.......
  9. Hello everyone. New user here. Just a quick question. Is it planed to have the MSFS2020 checklist available. This is a very smart option (you use it or not) for beginners. Thanks.
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