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  1. Ok sorry Thorsten, I'm still gunna purchase FSX version because i run both versions
  2. FS9 & FSX versions should both be released next week in one download.
  3. I know mate, just thought that there might be a release today
  4. Ok sorry mate, I'm just getting a bit excited that's all, Just wanted to know the added features
  5. Hi there Thorsten, why another week, any cool features?
  6. Still positive for friday? I'm getting excited
  7. Thorsten, great photos, any chance of a picture of the Cyprus Airways Engineering Hangar?
  8. That's good Thorsten, I have some things about Larnaca that I want to go over with you, please include: Cyprus Airways Engineering Hangar (by the old airport terminal), the old arrivals terminal should not be bright green, a more faded colour, the arrivals terminal should include In capital letters LARNAKA AIRPORT in blue, the road leading from the old terminal to the new terminal at one point becomes a bridge over a small lake, the road is flat at all times and the lake is very small and dried up, there are many more things that need to be added, from what i can see from the previous photos b
  9. Hi thorsten, any news on a full and final preview?
  10. Thorsten when will you have the rest of the airport done because I would really like to see a picture of the Cyprus Airways Engineering Hangar
  11. Also some of the buildings from the old airport terminal are not there and there is no Cyprus Airways Engineering hangar displayed in image 1 there is just a white patch where the hangar should be at the back of the old airport behind the parking appron.
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