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  1. Well, sort of. I used the insertion point to put all of ORBX below my Aerosoft airport add ons, but now there are some strange 'missing' tiles. I need to revisit this, but I think that's my problem. I'm sure there's a screen shot showing the scenery order of ORBX and Aerosoft airports out on the internet somewhere. Apologies for wasting your time. I'll do some research of my own. Paul
  2. Sorry, I mean't the EDDE configurator application. It has a screen that automatically finds potential conflicts (in this case the Orbx .bgl files). It offers the chance to disable them (like renaming in the past). EDDE is my last remaining problem. EDDF seems fixed since I manually disabled the .bgl files in Orbx. I'm sorry, what do you mean by "library insertion point"? Paul Apologies. I found the tool you are referring to. Thanks ! Paul
  3. Still some problems I'm afraid (I spoke too soon). The EDDF "problem finder" did not appear to fully work - I still see strange elevations as I approach for landing. Also, the EDDF scenery configurator does not appear to offer a solution that might address doubled up PAPI lights. I suppose it's more of an orbx question, but given that there are many that use the Orbx EU Germany product with Aerosoft German airports, I was hoping there might be some obvious solutions. (It's also not possible to re-order these sceneries relative to the orbx entries as they are greyed out as part of the newer P3D 'add-ons' installers.) Any advice gratefully received. Paul
  4. EDDE fixed using scenery configurator "error checker". Apologies.
  5. Hi, I've just installed Orbx Germany South, and have noticed a few issues - eg, duplicated PAPI lights at EDDF and other airports, and very strange topography at EDDE. Is there a guide somewhere that shows how to correctly configure 3rd party airports with Orbx? Thanks, Paul
  6. I experience stuttering on approach and on take off with Aerosoft LIMJ, but not with any of my other Aerosoft airports. I find I can reduce / eliminate the stuttering by adjusting the P3D frame rate setting down from unlimited to 60 fps. But, all of my other Aerosoft airports work much better with frame rate set at unlimited. I know this is probably not an Aerosoft issue, more likely P3D and my monitor settings. However, I do experience excellent results with frame rates set to unlimited for all of my airports except LIMJ, so I thought it might be worth asking if this is a known issue with this airport, or if there is a recommended course of action to address this phenomenon. I'm using a 3 monitor set up in P3D, and a GTX1070 graphics card. Frame rates are generally excellent under all conditions and at all airports except the above. Many thanks.
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