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  1. Tyrion,

    Thank you for your interest and best wishes. Regarding beta testing, that side of things is not decided by myself but by Aerosoft management, however when the time comes I will be sure to add your name so that they may consider you for beta testing, I hope that helps.



  2. Hello,

    I've been following your progress on the F14 closely in the preview forum.

    I'm not a person that wants to be in every beta, but if I can help, I would like to offer you my services once the Tomcat hits beta. The F-14 is my all time favourite aircraft, and has been since I was 9 years old. I also beta'd Dino Cattaneo's freeware F-14D.

    Good luck with th...

  3. Don't worry, I'm on shift block so historically do not model during those four intense day / night shifts, reserving that for the four days off where I can hit the model for periods of 16-18hrs at a time, no point attempting bitty 1-2 hour sessions on shift block. I understand your position, as I do all others here, been at this much to long to let things get personal, though some still do try to press the right buttons here and there and occasionally my responses will go up an octave or two LOL. Kindest Michael
  4. What , and compete with two new models coming from well respected developers LOL. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/mickoo/Aerosoft/A-10%20Render_03.jpg Enough said, this project is not scrapped, far from it, every dog has its day !. Kindest Michael
  5. One word, Huey, think about it , then go google and see how many Hueys you can get or 'potentially' get for FSx , I know of four with out even breaking into a sweat, doesn't or didn't stop all those publishers from replicating more. Airbus, Boeing tubeliners, most have two, some, three, others possibly four duplicates in the market place. Duplicity is rife if you look around. I still think people are missing one small point, a minor diversion I admit, but the current competition is almost two years old, are people saying that they can never be improved ?, by virtue of simple building techniques, mapping and art work that has been developed in the interim, anything new has the potential to be better. If the current market duo is so good, then why are both developers considering upgrades, I say consider because there is no proof that they actually are or even will, remember the F-111 or the C-17, well 1/2 of it anyway, I only use these indicative two as they are fore front in my mind, but I am sure there are many others. Things change, circumstances alter plans, there is no reason to suggest that either party will now proceed with their upgrades, which means that by the time the Aerosoft one appears, both will be at least 30 months old, good as they are, please don't try to tell me they're cutting edge . Finally, if you find in the future that this is my only Aerosoft project, then you know I failed and you were all right , or I became another statistic LOL. Sincere regards Michael
  6. Hi, I think thats a pretty good repose and on the whole, well actually all of it, can not disagree. My historical work I am trying to leave behind LOL, expanding that vein really has no place, time to look forward and move on. You are right Aerosoft does have the market clout to perhaps make models that are not main stream, however I am not getting paid for the 'bankers models' they already have in the market place, so for one or two initial models I have to play safe, I am fully aware of the other projects, perhaps more so than some posters give credit, however I feel the F-14 will give a better return even if a duplicate than a more obsure that might or might not sell well, thats just my opinion. I realise that the original post was aimed at Aerosoft, however you did use the F-14 as an example, and as such I felt the need to lay a few words down to explain how the decision came about. I'm glad we didn't go with the F-5 after all now LOL, it was a serious contender . I am sure Aerosoft will consider obscure or less main stream modelsat some point (and that is there option), however they will still have to find some one to do them, and if no one volunteers or a partnership modeler does not knock on their door with such a project, then they can not provide what some wish for. They could of course opt for the alternative of buying in 3rd party work and making it FS ready, but that doesnt always produce the results one wishes for. Some one on another forum made the point that some maodels are now getting like an EA games product, and yes to a certain extent that is true, but the very popular models will always get done again and again, each one being just that little better than the last, that trait has never changed since the inception of FS, and I suspect will never change. Most modelers make models they have a passion for, trying to make them make something they dont like is risking the project falling flat on its face or dragging its heels for some considerable time. So to summise from my perspective, yes, Aerosoft could probably afford to be a bit more 'risky', but not with my time or expenditure , does that sort fo make sense ?. Sincerely Michael
  7. I do not think the F-14 is as marmite as one would first think, I think in this instance, its only a marmite choice due to there being others available, others which are almost two years old, good certainly, but getting old and that is a fact we cannot hide from. If it were the only one on the table then I think it would be a no brainer, so the F-14 is fundamentally not a bad choice, what is subjectively bad to some is the choice with the current market supply position, and that will never get a straight answer, some will argue its crazy, stupid even, some will not, some will welcome more of the same. I also do not believe only one will win out, I think all three will win in their own right. Many will recall the appearance of two Intruders, both of comparable quality and market strategy, I'm reasonably confident that both did alright for each vendor . Freeware, freeware has never really been an obstacle against payware, it is something to be mind full of, respected even, but those that mainly collect freeware would probably not have bought payware anyway, so they are not generally considered as lost customers. You are right, you cannot predict the feature set of the other competitors, you certainly can with the ones already out there, but not future aircraft, and that goes for aircraft where no current publicly known duplicate is in progress. However you can look at things historically and if company X produces models to feature set x,y,z then it is reasonably likely they will continue to produce to that same format or very close to, if you (the other developer) feel that you can surpass that, or offer a feature set you think they will not have, then why not give it a go, unless of course you want total market domination, and that rarely happens so why contemplate it in the first place ?. American-centric, I like that term, and oh so true, three (two commercial) F-14s is generally not a concern, three Mustangs or three 737s are also not much of a commercial concern, but three Tornados, or Mirages, well then you really do have to question your choice in those instances. Crusader, would not argue against that, it was considered, and still is for the future, but not right now I'm afraid. To recount, I am not trying to 'convert' anyone or win them over , I am however, very interested in why people believe what they do and how they perceive the market place, it is all very good and constructive dialog. Kindest regards Michael
  8. I chose the F-14 (as explained in the other preview thread, perhaps not the most eloquent method of choice and one to be reviewed next time for sure), but Aerosoft had to vet the choice and make an overall decision based on their business model, the fact that they accepted it is foundation enough for me that the choice was right, trust me they turned down others on the list that I thought from experience would be good. Their professional no nonsense business approach was rewarding, to that end I trust them to know their market place far better than I. Manufacturer is a perfectly good term, developer is another, Aerosoft being the publisher, who will be assisting in some areas, and importantly the overall critique to make sure it is up to their high standards. I take your point about new to me, but an F-14 will sell (whether it does or does not should not be the worry of customers, thats what we are here to worry about for you ), its one of those planes that tends to sell and sell, Mustangs and Spitfires are two others, 737s and Airbus's are a couple more. It doesn't have to be unique or not made before to be a viable project. Granted a not made before model will have a totally free market place to wander around, but by virtue of it being the only one tends to point to it not being as popular, thus over all sales are often less, often less than a duplicated model (from historical experience). Fun ?, of course it is , so long as it is polite, structured and most of the frenzied emotion is removed. I've been here before, many many times, its the same each time a new model is previewed, exactly the same, rarely varies but comfortingly always the same conclusions. Fighting it, is pointless and recognizing that is a very important part of the process, hence the reference to the Kubler Ross curve, but it is still fun to talk and bat it around for a few days. It is often also crudely called 'working the forums', for me it is all part of the model development, a welcome break from the tedium of Max and poly bending that has been going on non stop to produce the initial renders. C-46, what !, ye gads man, one of those smoky old tin buckets LOL, seriously, I did hear recently that there was one of those in progress somewhere, its not an aircraft high up my interest tree so it was only a passing mental note that one was in progress. All the best Michael
  9. Paul, There a great many models that do interest me, that could be done, but like many things you do the ones that appeal the most to yourself, I've always wanted to do the F-14 but in the past the timing has been poor, granted right now is not unflawed and I wont argue against those that say so, but as everyone in this game knows, doors do not stay open for long and when closed will remain (historically) so for a good number of years. There always has to be a first model, everything willing there will be others and once a few bankable models are in the safe then one can begin to explore others. Most of my choices will probably fall outside of what people in this thread want anyway i am sorry that I cannot avoid that, but its a simple fact of peoples interests, common or not. When you say something new, its new to me, is that not enough reason ?, people forget that I've worked on over 100 models (must count them up one day) over the years and been author to a very high percentage of those, aircraft people suggest as new are not new to me, they're as boring to me as a new rendition of the F-14 is to them . I'm not here to dissuade anyones point of view, they are important and its quite clear they go much deeper than just this one incident, I've seen similar post and views elsewhere with other recent previews. Kindest Michael
  10. Theres more than one F-4 in development, if behind closed door whispers are to be believed. Draken, doesn't interest me, sorry, not enough to expend the time expected to get to todays level, the last Draken I was involved with was a mediocre commercial success. More deserving ?, thats subjective and a case that will never be cleanly resolved, the F-14 is a perfect example of subjective dialog, some people abhor the choice, others welcome it, who do you pander to, you know that x percentage is going to be upset with choice A and x percentage with choice B so knowing full well that what ever you pick will upset someone then its an easy step to pick something that wont upset yourself. Most modern military two seat jets do not lend themselves to FS interaction, lets be honest. Regarding the competition, if they are that good, then why have both parties in the past considered revamping them ?, much as Aerosoft was considering (F-5) and actually doing (A-10), no model is perfect and eventually will need to be replaced or surpassed, as will this one eventually. To be honest, this whole affair is a perfect example of the Kubler Ross curve, those familiar with the curve will recognize where on the curve this thread is in at the moment, and that trying to effect any change is going to have little effect. Eventually every one gets to the end of the curve , some faster than others. Lets be candid here, what do 'you' suggest I do ?, make a model that suits just your or other dissenters tastes here ?, throw away all thats gone before and then restart something that suits their exact tastes ?. If we do that, what do we say to those others that come along and disagree when its previewed ?. uncomfortable and seemingly unpopular as the F-14 is, it is not going to go away, nor am I ever likely to make something that interest those upset here, if I did then this post would not be here, well it would but with different faces . Kindest Michael
  11. As Mathijs wrote above, this is a partnership venture, not a full in house project, so if the project is unappealing, boring or unadventurous then please, punch bag me, not Aerosoft . I'm sorry it displeases many people, frankly what ever I chose would have elicited the same response but from other factions, sometimes you just cannot win when picking subject matter LOL. I am about to spend maybe 2000 hours on this model, so it had better be one I am comfortable with, have sufficient data for and am reasonably assured will be a commercial success, given recent previous employer let downs I do not have the luxury of 'risk taking'. You will find that almost all major developers will have popular models in their collection, often called 'bankers models', duplicated but generally boring models, but they do keep the men in gray from the door, and when you have enough of them you can branch out to more obscure models, with the safety net of the banked models in your collection to help you if they fall flat on their face commercially, which historically (12 years in the business) they more than often do. So, if you feel the need to vent your displeasure or berate the choice of the F-14, then send it to me, not Aerosoft, you can mail me or PM me, so long as its factual, polite and articulate, you will get a reply in kind. Sincere regards Michael
  12. The F-15 was/is a consideration, although there is one in progress else where at the moment. Once the 'Bus' hubbub has died down a little and I have decent enough renders I'm sure an official announcement will be made. Best Michael
  13. Hello gents, just to let you know, we have decided on a primary and secondary project, one from the list and one not, the latter just jumped out of the page when some one mentioned it above. Hopefully more will be revealed when we have some screen shots for you. Thanks to everyone for their input, your feedback was invaluable and a great insight to what you want and expect. Kindest Michael
  14. Personally speaking, Catalina, yes, Beaver, perhaps no. The Catalina is very popular, most people have heard of the Catalina, theres one or two on the war bird circuit, even stared in movies, its exploits in WWII are well publicized so I don't group the Catalina in with other transports and such. I can see your point of view, and in some cases agree (C-141, C-135 etc) but historically these types have always lagged behind more popular military war birds, be it prop or jet. At the moment, none of those types are up for consideration for this particular project, maybe in the future and maybe from other team players, but not right now I'm afraid. Kindest Michael
  15. Paul, one of the sad facts about military and civil transports is their lack of global market appeal, except maybe the C-130, if they were more appealing then more developers would be knocking the door down, the fact that this genre is almost blanket avoided by all developers does indicate that they are not as commercially attractive as combat jets. Aerosoft is a commercial concern so that aspect I'm sure will be factored in their choices I'm afraid. By all means have a go at building, we all had to start somewhere . Kindest Michael
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