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  1. My Request Tromso MSFS Please,Thank you!!! many appeciate..
  2. Yes Now it works!!!thank you
  3. The problem is if I start in LDZA runway 4 or 22 it works ,,no issue...no crash...I in community folder have this airport ,A320 MOD and Zagreb city free addon..
  4. Thank you for reply,The error message is normal message of crash MSFS ,there is not number of refer ,but a simple message of crash MSFS
  5. Hello!!! I have a problem with landing to this airport ....it goes in crash I have A320 NEO FBW Development ,no problem with ILS but when I m near the airport that it crash to desktop MSFS,any suggestion please,thank you
  6. Hello Staff...there is a possibility in future for this beautiful airport,thank you
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