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  1. Dear Thorsten, Firstly let me congratulate you on a fantastic product: Larnaca FSX is a truly remarkable product. At least going by the screenshots it looks like a remarkable product: I wouldnt know if it truly is or not: Because having bought it as soon as it came out on the promise from your good self that the FS9 version would shortly follow, the FS9 version still hasnt materialised and i am left with an FSX version i can not use. I can not help but feel disaapointed Thorsten at the considerable delays in releasing this product: For months and months this project has been in developmen
  2. a320231, Dude, I mean this in the nicest most humanly respectful way possible, Stop being an ARSE, and let Thorsten get on with finishing the scenery. We are all extremely lucky that Aerosoft have listened to us in the first place and are doing this scenery, so if we have to wait a few more weeks for it to arrive, then its a small price to pay. Patience man, we are all in the same boat, sounds like Thorsten has had a lot on recently, you cant expect the man to superglue himself to the development machine 24/7....
  3. Phivos, The way it works for some of the Aerosoft products (like Heathrow) is you pay one price eg lets say 30 euros for the scenery. That price will give you the scenery for both fs9 and fsx. So its the same scenery for both versions of the sim you have complete choice as to where you want to install the scenery; If youre like me and run both fs9 and fsx, then this is great because you can install your purchased scenery into both, for one price.. Hope this helps?
  4. Thor if i could be allowed to say the following, For years now flight simmers have been crying out for a really good representation of cyprus; The island is of significant importance becuase its geographic positions links europe to the middle/far east and africa. With Cyprus being a Greek Island its also a major source of 'virtual flying' via the different networks between friends of different VAs based both in Greece and Cyprus- Hence why the 2005 Larnaca Scenery was designed (by 3 or 4 of the pilots of Cyprus Airways virtual team). I have seen countless threads on the internet over the las
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