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  1. Hi, I too have noticed the small "white marks" in the windscreen...which only occurs when on the taxiway or runway.....odd stuff. Version 1.10 fixed my "loss of lights"......but I do have this "white mark" issue still... B
  2. Thanks so much...the bird is stable at this point....so I'll wait for the first "official" exe update! Great work guys! Thanks Bill
  3. Hi, I see the 1.10a file in my Aersoft updates list....and I've downloaded 1.10a, but it appears not to be in an installer--but rather in "folders". Since I had a ddl.xml error ("fixed manually", I think), is there an updated EXE installer? Is the version 1.00 of the installer exe actually new and different from earlier versions-it shows the same name and general version number. Thanks--if you are planning an entirely new update, with full installer, I perhaps will wait. But am confused with the 1.10a update files/folders and lack of install directions. Thanks...love the bird! Bill
  4. Hi, I had the ddl.xml install error, and manually re-configured so the GPS/Mod would work. All appears well now, except that I cannot get my landing lights any longer. Switches move, but no lights. FSX settings for lights is OK, other aircraft display external lights. Any help would be great. Would prefer not to uninstall-reinstall. May wait for 1.1 version....but was curious if there might be some interactions between lights and ddl file... Thanks Bill
  5. COMMM RADIO KNOBS WILL NOT MOVE Interesting...since my dll edit, the Comm radios won't rotate, nor "flip"....and when I try to use ATC, it will move auto to station, but no ATC comm occurs....does the DLL file affect the comm radios? Thanks B
  6. Thanks--when I went to open the dll.xml file at the /...roaming/FSX location, my xml editor would not open it. The GPS information was there, but garbled...I edited the file, and now it works....thanks for the help. Bill
  7. I too received the error message, and have the latest installer, and cannot enter data into the scratchpad. Let me know if/when there is a fix--sure is a pretty bird Using Vista, x64 quad core. Bill
  8. Great...I've sent you a message so we can contact and I can sent you a copy Bill
  9. I filmed a documentary of Reeve Aleutian Airways, featuring two approaches (in cockpit) into Dutch in L-188 Electras...one on a very nasty "summer" day, the other in early spring--calm wind, snow--wonderful. You can see clips at www.flyelectra.com , and if your guys at Aerosoft are interested, I would consider selling the DVD's to you (for distribution option w/Dutch) very, very reasonably....would love folks who love PADU to see some great flying into the airport. Let me know, and email me (if you don't have access to my email, let me know that too)...otherwise, enjoy the clip. Bill KGYH
  10. Framerates are excellent at PADU....and I have a computer a couple of years old...what fabulous scenery! Thanks for this addon! Bill KGYH
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