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  1. Hmmm, second install and now it seems to be fine. Must have been user error during the install. Thanks for your help. N
  2. Hi Heinz, thanks for the prompt reply. I am a little (a lot) confused as to how and where the LIMC scenery pack should go, including the Ortho4XP patch and so forth. My scenery pack comes in two folders: Milan_Malpensa Milan_Malpensa - LIMC - Mesh I've tried just putting both into the Custom Scenery folder, but it completely wipes out all the airport as well as my Ortho tile for the area. I'm in a green field. (The scenery is top of the list in my scenery_packs.ini file. Can you have the patience to help please? BR N
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    Hello, I just purchased the scenery for LIMC but am not having success getting it installed. Before I tear my hair out, I don't see that the scenery should not be Mac compatible, but I HAVE seen mention that SAM is NOT running on a Mac. Am I correct that with out SAM, the scenery will not work? And so, if SAM is only Windows, there is no joy for me with the scenery?
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