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  1. Thanks. I think I'll wait until I take v5 upgrade. Hopefully the problem doesn't follow me!
  2. Both photos were on 1C KIAD by Flightbeam. However, I'm having this trouble regardless of airport or location, even in the air. I tried slewing up above the buildings, slewing into a continuous flat turn on the x-axis, while using time preview to change the sun position. When the sun was directly on something it was visible, but still dim. Otherwise, dark like it was night time.
  3. I deleted Prepar3D.cfg and let it regenerate itself a few times and tried loading the sim with the default P3D settings, still dark. Not sure how else to check/remove for past modifications. When I uncheck the internal cast/receive shadows, the cockpit brightens up a little, but was still very dark inside when compared to outside and the cockpits of other addons. In fact the cockpit panels were still basically black when compared to the photos above from others showing the normal lighting. Not sure why an external shadow wasn't showing on my screenshot. Maybe it being summer-noon made it indistinguishable.
  4. The only tweak I was running was Rex TD+SC, which has been reversed. Resetting my Prepar3d.cfg didn't help. My GPU settings are stock except basic OC and making my monitor settings any brighter would just wash everything out. All other aircraft cockpits are normal. If you share your settings I can replicate to rule anything out. I've attached my settings just in case you notice something there.
  5. My HDR brightness was set to 1.0, bloom 0.9, saturation 1.0. I reduced all three sliders to match your settings and it made it more dark.
  6. I'm using Rex Texture Direct + Soft Clouds. I restored P3D defaults inside the Rex tool and have not reloaded them. Then I deleted shaders & P3Dconfig per: https://helpdesk.aerosoft.com/portal/kb/articles/rebuild-p3d-shaders There is a chance that I applied custom shaders when I first reinstalled P3D about 3 months ago, but I believe I reverted the changes shortly after installing them. There were no custom shaders applied after rebuilding the shaders using the prodedure above, though. Is there another way to check if that is still affecting something? I have HDR lighting on with the stock sliders.
  7. Just to clarify, after restoring defaults in Rex, I performed the following steps to delete and reload shaders: https://helpdesk.aerosoft.com/portal/kb/articles/rebuild-p3d-shaders
  8. Inside & Outside photos attached. Noon, summer, clear skies. I'm not using any shader modifiers.
  9. The cockpit is dark even in mid-day with no clouds. I reverted to pre-rex textures using their tool and HDR is on. I tried the untinted window option and I deleted shaders multiple times after reverting the rex textures. I'm not using any other shader mods. P3Dv4 CRJ Pro
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