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  1. Hello, I had one month access to NavDataPro Charts which expired a few days ago. A few weeks ago I bought the one year access NavDataPro Complete in readiness for when my one month charts package expired. However, I would like to hold off activating the 13 AIRAC datasets until next week after 2006 is released and start my one year access from then. My question is, can I use the serial number to activate my one year access of the charts now, without starting the one year access (or 13 datasets) of AIRACs? In other words, are the Nav Data and Charts handled seperately by the system as far as subscription time is concerned, or will activating one automatically start the clock for both? Kind regards,
  2. Hello, Sorry I've been quiet for a while on this thread, I've been silently doing a lot of 'test flights' into LSGG over the last few weeks, in particular today where I've flown in approximately 8 times with different settings trying to track down the problem. I'm pleased to say that I think I've found a mini break through. It is not a solution in the long run, but something to start with. There is one setting in particular that made all the difference in my sim between getting a CTD in the SOVAD area on the LUSAR arrivals (for either runway), and managing to get through unscaved. This setting is the "Autogen and scenery draw distance" setting in the World options in P3D. With this set to 'High' (which is my normal setting for most flights) my sim stutters badly when reaching the SOVAD waypoint area, frames drop to below 5 and my system either CTD straight away or after a few seconds of struggling and fighting. With this setting on 'Medium', I seem to be able to get past this point, with just one or two noticeable jumps in the frames. The other graphic settings do not seem to make a difference, I can have them maxed out or reduced, same result. For whatever reason, the "Autogen and scenery draw distance" setting is making all the difference as far as I can see at the moment. With it set to High, it must be in range of and trying to load a particular area that has a huge impact on performance. For what its worth, my system has no such problems anywhere else or with any other payware scenery, being able to maintain a more or less steady 30 frames per second with the FS Labs, Active Sky, Chase Plane etc all running, even at larger airports surrounded by large dense cities. I did try approaches into LSGG with none of those addons running - just literally P3D set to clear weather - with the same result. As part of this LSGG scenery, has any extra autogen been placed or modelled outside the airport around the city area maybe that could be causing a performance hit or a problem? The CTD Event Viewer logs point to the terrain.dll. I don't seem to have any problem with performance with the airport itself, or when I load up to start a flight from it as mentioned before, so I have no complaints with the airport itself. It must be something very specific or a certain area that was touched on as part of the airport/scenery package that is causing this. I hope this helps in some way. I'm quite tired at the moment but wanted to report my findings straight away so others can test. If I think of anything else I'll let you know. A friend of mine flew along with me for the last test flight, with me set to 'Medium' and him 'High'. I got past the problem area ok, but he had severe stutters in his sim where I normally get the CTD. Thanks once again Dave for your patience with this. We appreciate your continued support. Maybe you can give this a try. Also ensure you arrive from quite far out so nothing is already 'loaded in' so to speak. Edited to add that while testing the effect of Autogen and scenery draw distance, I had Buildings & Trees autogen density set to Dense for consistency. I suppose the ultimate test going forward to narrow it down even further would be to reduce them one at a time, for example Buildings set to sparse with Draw Distance set to high, and see if that makes any difference, then the trees etc, although I'm a little burnt out to give it all a try right now. James
  3. Hi Pavel, I've just seen that an update has been released for Kosice, many thanks for that. Quick question, do I install it over the top of the existing installation or unistall first then reinstall the new version from scratch? Thank you for your brilliant support with this product and the number of fixes & improvements you have included. If I think of anything that would help improve the product I will let you know. I am really looking forward to seeing Poprad too when it is completed. Kind regards,
  4. A quick update, I just tried a flight in the iFly 737. I got a CTD in the exact same area, so it is not an aircraft issue. Regards,
  5. Yep I am using Navigraph, latest 2003 AIRAC. Has anyone else tried it with the FS Labs A320? Can the other two posters who have the same problem in this thread please confirm which aircraft you are using when the CTD occurs? I'm continuing with some more test flights in the mean time.
  6. Hi, I flew the flight several more times today to test whether by-passing the SOVAD waypoint area helps in any way - and it does. On the same LUSAR arrival, I tried LIRKO DCT GG514 and encountered no problems, was able to fly the approach and land. For the second flight, I got a bit closer to the 'problem' area, by staying on the STAR as far as DINIG, then going DCT GG507 which brings me to roughly 5nm north abeam SOVAD at its closest point I think, again no problems. For whatever reason, routing via or within a mile or two of SOVAD takes you too close to a problem area that causes an issue with the terrain.dll. As the waypoint is quite close to the airport before turning downwind (away from the airport again), I wonder if routing via SOVAD brings you just within touching distance of the airport scenery/textures to load (or something else), but then as you are immediately then flying away again maybe it is suddenly trying to 'unload' something while simultaneously still loading it? I'm probably way off the mark and just firing off random ideas , but hopefully the developers will be able to investigate further to discover the cause as it appears several others have the same issue, with likely more who have not posted. Maybe even various configurations/options selected during installation could have an effect. I have no other addon scenery in the area other than the two Orbx products I mentioned above (which many people use and give me no problems elsewhere at least), and I've tried different autogen settings lower than that I would normally fly with. I do understand it is very challenging when you cannot reproduce it yourself, so I thank you for your patience. While you investigate further, when I get time my next test will be to try an arrival from the south and see if that produces any problems in the same manner. Unfortunately time does not allow me to constantly repeat the same flight over and over again in search for a cause or fix, but I'll help where & when I can. At least for now I know that I can take a small shortcut on the arrival routing to avoid a CTD. Kind regards,
  7. Hi BenBaron, I tried it again this evening and the same thing happened, CTD during the turn at SOVAD on the LUSAR 2R arrival, it starts with a few stutters (thought I was getting away with it at first), but then immediately after a CTD happens. The route I flew was EGGW - LSGG with the FS Labs A320 on both occasions. I've tried during the day, sunset and night. I've also tried different methods of entering the route into the aircraft such as an import via simbrief, then entering it all completely manually etc (although I can't see how that would affect terrain.dll, but I tried it anyway). The route I flew was EGGW - LSGG with the following flight plan: CPT3B CPT N859 GWC DCT BOGNA UL612 RESMI UM975 LUSAR LUSAR2R Thanks for taking the time to look into this. Regards,
  8. Hi Mathijs, I use Orbx Global & Europe LC. Other than that, I have no other terrain addons and I have never installed any other versions of Geneva, payware or freeware. The Orbx products I mentioned have not caused me a CTD anywhere else the whole time I've owned them. Regards,
  9. Hello, I bought LSGG just yesterday so I have the latest version installed. This evening I had the exact same problem as the poster above me, a crash to desktop while inbound on the LUSAR STAR, approx 2 nm to run to SOVAD. I did a flight outbound from LSGG yesterday with no problems, but it is very strange that P3D crashed at the exact same point as the users above while inbound, indicating a problem somewhere. The contents from windows event viewer is below: Faulting application name: Prepar3D.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5d8abf93 Faulting module name: terrain.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x5d8abed8 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x0000000000009673 Faulting process ID: 0x2060 Faulting application start time: 0x01d5f572a31cf556 Faulting application path: D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.exe Faulting module path: D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\terrain.dll Report ID: ef84ebfe-1c44-4972-9a2c-85f28eb0763e Please let me know what other information you require. Kind regards.
  10. Hi Pavel, Yep I find the same, for night flights with dynamic lighting on at Kosice I have to reduce it to 2xMSAA for my system to run it smoothly, where as during the day I run 8xMSAA. I'm pleased that you will be looking into it. I never like to disable dynamic lighting completely for obvious reasons, but I do hope that maybe the amount of dynamic lighting can be reduced slightly. I will leave it in your capable hands and thank you once again. Kind regards,
  11. Hi Pavel, Thanks for the quick response. I'm pleased to say that your fix works and the problem has gone, as shown in my screenshot below. Brilliant support thank you! Any word on whether the dynamic lighting can be optimised at all? Either by reducing it in less used areas of the airport or a reduction in lighting from the main terminal building to avoid too many overlapping lights? I'm no expert on this stuff so it may not be that simple, but I do find it can be quite heavy on resources at the moment for night flights, especially when looking towards the main terminal building as mentioned in my original post. Kind regards,
  12. Hello, First of all thankyou for your recent Kosice airport release, it was a nice surprise and having had a small play around my initial thoughts are that it looks great. I look forward to seeing Poprad hopefully in the near future! I've had a look at the scenery in various settings, such as winter, summer, day & night etc, and one potential problem I came across is that during the day in really low visibility conditions a number of areas/surfaces appear to be very bright and really stand out, even at a distance. I have attached several screenshots to show this. I think at the time (using real weather) the visibility was around 400 metres or less. It appears fine under other less extreme conditions such as overcast etc, although I have not had a chance to try many combinations yet. At night, even with the very low visibility, all appears to be normal - I only encountered this problem during day light hours (I've not tried sunset/sunrise yet). Changing the seasons between say winter and summer made no difference either with this problem. I'm running P3Dv4.5 with the latest hot fix, windows 10. Anti-virus was turned off for the installation (and like I said above the scenery looks great in all other circumstances I've tried so far - except very low visibility as shown). I'm sure you'll probably want/need other details, but in the mean time please give it a try, load up on a stand with really low visibility set and see if you see the same. If not I'll get back to you as soon as I can with any extra information you request. Also on a seperate point, I noticed the dynamic lighting from the terminal building has quite an intense performance hit when looking at it at night, more so than many other larger airports. This can be solved by dropping down to 2x MSAA to avoid maxing out my GTX 1070, but if the optimisation of the dynamic lighting (especially on/from the terminal building) could be looked at I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate it. I find being parked up on stand 5 for example at night I don't even need any cockpit flood or dome lighting on as the lighting off the terminal building lights up the whole cockpit even at that distance more than sufficiently! Thanks once again for developing this airport, I'm eager to try a few proper flights to/from it on my next day off work. Kind regards,
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