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  1. I dont think so, yes i have a yoke with an throttle quadrant, so thats not the issue i think. I looked a bit around, is it possible that the thrust bump action unside the setting sets free the extra power? When activating it i dont see any difference. Do i have to do anything else after switching on that option, or is it activated by adjusting the throttle lever on TO/GA? thanks in advance
  2. OK so no 95 % when pressing F4 but tis is what I mean, in the second picture it is a lot more power than in the first one. Hope that anybody could say sth about that.
  3. Hey, dont want criticize its more a question that i have... I noticed tha when I am applying TO/GA thrust in the a330 it shows that next to N1 it has like between 84 and max. 87% of the thrust if I am correct. Now when im pushing my F4 button on the Keyboard the percentage goes up to like max. 95% of thrust which is a lot more. Just curious if there is a way to get acces to the full amount of thrust or if it is normal for this aircraft. Also listening to a lot of youtube Videos you definitely hear a higher pitch of the engine. Yeah i know you cant tell that from videos, so thats my question ;D Thank you for replying, this is an incredible aircraft. Also please note, its very late, im tired so my english could be a little nah...;D
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