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  1. Maybe a daft question, but since the update my HUD drops down on initialisation and I cannot find a click zone to retract it like before? Help appreciated.
  2. Thanks to all that have replied to my original post. Please note that I think its a great aircraft, clearly taking an incredible amount of time to put together, but for simming, usability in my opinion should be ahead of "total realism". Yes the screens are small in the CRJ, but its no good if you cant read the important info. My main issue is with selected ALT font/size in the PFD, its ridiculous for simming whether realistic or not. Look at the CRJ picture attached below, you cant read the set alt from the seat. You should not have to resort to "pull out views" in order to read t
  3. I am a fan of MSFS, and mainly fly the FBW A32nx on Vatsim. Prior to this I used Xplane with the Zibo 737 and the ERJ series jets being my favourites. I also have 3000hrs IRL flying experience. I was excited to purchase the CRJ as a smaller jet I could take into more regional airports, just like the ERJ series in Xplane. The modelling and detailing is fantastic, as are the manuals. This is a high benchmark others should follow. I understand the need to make everything as realistic as possible, but for use in simulation an aircraft has to be usable, here there are some r
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