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  1. Hi Chris - thanks for the response - good to hear that I will be able to leave my landings to someone who knows what they're doing - the auto-pilot!!!! Kind regards, Martin
  2. Hi John, Many thanks for the reply - this is great news. I had seen on earlier posts that someone had been allocated the paints but wondered if the schemes had been cut. Great news for us UK users as they are a fairly common sight over here. Flown on their A320s and A321's so I was really hoping for some. Kind regards, Martin
  3. Many thanks for the reply Mathijs - cool to see some more pictures from the 'drivers' seat. I have a further question if I may - regarding auto-land. I note this isn't on the features list, and having followed the forum from very ealry stages I don't recall this being asked (tried the search too before posting) - just wondered if this is or will be implemented. Best wishes, Martin
  4. Great work on all the re-paints so far guys, love the multi-shot screens. Go on - you know you want to do it really.... Best wishes to all, Martin
  5. Hi Mathijs and Aerosoft Team, Thank you for the recent updates - I know a few people have commented on this already but that render really is amazing! My question to you and the team - I know the question of FPS is always impossibly subjective to answer based on individual specs etc... However, you were able to quote performance approximations versus the default A321, and also that the Aerosoft Airbus would try and utilise as many existing FSX 'systems'/code/etc to keep FPS down. Therefore can you say at this point whether the modules etc noted above will significantly affect previous FPS impact predictions? Not trying to be negative with this question - just trying to get a feel for what I can expect to be able to run with this. Best wishes to you and the team, Martin
  6. Hi Mathijs - my wife is really into photography and loves doing these 'fish-eye' (if thats the right term!!) images - if only I get her to like planes too! Nice way of presenting - love the level of detail/textures/everything. Forgot to say on the previous screenies how well I thought the night lighting is done in the cabin - not that I've ever been up front in th dark but from what I've seen on stuff such as below - Kind regards, Martin
  7. Hi Mathijs - looking at how everything is going all these extra's you guys are putting in will really make your product stand out. I've only ever tried to make one plane using FSDS3 a while back and I never finished it - I can't imagine how much work goes into an add-on as complex as this, and I guess the frustration too!! I would say agian all the efforts and attention to detail are much appreciated - hence all the excitement you guys have generated with this. Kind regards, Martin
  8. Hi Mathijs, Many thanks for posting these - she looks great. No worries re the Nav - work in progress!! I had read in a post on the previous thread that the visors were not going to be modelled so its great to see on the second picture. I'm sure I'm not alone on this but I really appreciate features such as this, wipers, opening windows etc. as for me they really add atmosphere and 'feel' to the flight deck. Its great to be able to taxi round a grey and rainy Manchester UK airport with the wipers going to find yourself landing a couple of hours later in a sunny visors down situation in Menorca. All the best, Martin
  9. Hi Mathjis and Aerosoft Team, Great to hear this - sounds like you guys are close to resolving/completing last issues - I would echo others support for the 'taking enough time to get it right' approach, and the open-ness policy. As we are getting close and this thread is for previews could I request a screenshot like the following - http://hci.ucsd.edu/lab/images/a320-cockpit.jpg basically a cockpit 'panorama' - I've looked through all the screenshots a few times and I don't think we have a shot like this. Don't know if its the intention to do a further series of final teaser screens? - I also appreciate your earlier note in that screenshots take time to prepare so no worries if not possible at the moment. Thanks in advance and things are looking great - like everyone I'm looking forward to that first TO/GA charge down the tarmac, Martin
  10. Hello to all, Firstly I'd like to again thank all the repainters for their efforts so far some amazing paint jobs all round - not wanting to start a 'which is better' argument on cleanliness but Jankees - I do love the dirtied up Spirit paint! Anyhow a few weeks back I posted regarding Thomas Cook A320 paints (it was posted a while back that Thomas Cook was being done) - any progress shots? Below links may be of use to whoever is doing - http://cdn-www.airli...0/5/1313505.jpg http://www.airplane-...-7/31/55678.jpg http://www.airplane-...9-7/7/52635.jpg http://www.johnstoke...y.co.uk/MP6.jpg http://static.planes...sNet_113003.jpg http://www.touchthes...wm/10021_wm.jpg http://cdn-www.airli...9/8/0976898.jpg Good detail of tail-fin here for detail (the CL would need deleting though - I think this is a Condor thing) http://www.flickr.com/photos/14333842@N07/2701129173/ Thanks in advance, Martin
  11. Good Evening All (or morning I guess depending on where everyone is!!), First time posting so greetings to all. Reading through the previous posts I note that a Thomas Cook Airbus paint has been confirmed as in the works - could someone Pleeeeeaaase post some WIP's as this is a regular at UK airports, there are a fair few other posts requesting the paint job so I'm guessing it would be a popular one. One question I do have - although repainters have confirmed we will get a Thomas Cook Airbus can anyone say whether this will be a Thomas Cook. Com (ie UK)? And whether this will be a 320 or 321 as TCX run both types. Would love to see an A320 as link - http://www.airliners.net/photo/Thomas-Cook-Airlines/Airbus-A320-214/0976898/L/&tbl=&photo_nr=14&sok=&sort=&prev_id=0976899&next_id=0976897 Not sure if everyone is up and running again on the repaints after recent events but screen shots seem to have been posted indicating work is going ahead again. Thanks in advance and thanks to all the re-painters for their efforts to date - tried my hand before at this and failed miserably so I appreciate how good you guys are and how much effort must go in. Kind regards, Martin
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