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  1. I have the same problem, but not always, would be nice to find that file. There is away around it. Do the cold and dark part, if it does not start, load the default F35 that has running engines, then load the DC-8. It will now have running engines and I go on from there. Not a problem because I brought it myself to ready for taxy and engine starts, the same state it is in after the reload.
  2. pa4tim


    It does kinda work. It looks good, flies well (I think), it is not studylevel and sometimes strange things happen. (like not starting) You need to modify your p3d install to fool it. I followed this video. It is complicated to tell but easy to do if you follow the video (at your own risk) I use several V4 planes and they kinda work. But most times some things do not work every time. Most have no mixture animation following my hardware levers, have start issues when going from cold and dark and have radio tuning issues (Not tuning the 10 kHz digit, I use FS-Keypad to solve that) But maybe this is add-on related, I use ACCU and chaseplane (That often needs a reboot because it stops working) and REX sky. I wanted the Aerosoft because I really like rain effects on windows, I know, stupid but for me that is a huge emerge-booster . My DC-8 will often not start. (I know how to start, but I only use cold and dark) you can trick it by first loading the default one with running engines and then change you aircraft to the V4 aircraft, it then spawns with running engine. I do the cold and dark and if it not starts I load the F35 with engines running , and then again load the DC-8 and go on from there. The animation for selecting air in the EFB does often not work (the checkbox does not turn green but it always activate the air) Sometimes it drops from the sky. Speed suddenly really jumps a lot (almost zero) and then the plane drops straight down, complete level, not nose down. I save the flight every few minutes so I then reload the last saved file. I use more V4 planes because there are not many studylevel grade V5 vintage airliners. The only one working flawless is the PMDG DC-6. I think I have around 100 hours in it). My most used plane. I just bought the Coolsky DC-9 for the same reason, the only studylevel DC-9 for V5 is the Leonardo maddog X and that needs 8GB VRAM (I have only have 6) The Coolsky is V4. But I only made one flight yet. That went 100% well. But fiddling around on the ground, sorting out the systems by doing things outside normal procedures, to test how deep studylevel goes, i found the same problem as with more V4 aircraft, it will not start every time. (It does start if I reload it like stated above) One time I had one engine that did not deliver thrust, the N1 compressor was turning, but N2 not ???? . Maybe I broke it while experimenting, I have not studied that part yet, I am just exploring the many many many features it has. This thing is Assum.
  3. +1 Ich habe XP11 betas benutzt und das sind rightige betas, jeder neue update ist ein adventure. Ich benutsde 2 installs, ein stable non-beta version und ein beta. Und das ware betas from 11.x to 11.x+1. From X11 zu X12 ist ein eben grosser adventure. (Excuse my German, I can read it fine but not write it, it is over 35 years ago I learned it)
  4. I thought about Earhart's route too.
  5. A DC-3 is from 1935, so also from the radio navigation area. The JU-52 is only 3 years older. But the speed is a big difference. The DC-3 can cruise on paper around 180 kts (ssst, do not read out loud, mine does not know that 🙂 I fly slower, better for those old engines ), the JU-52 around 133 kts. However, there are still many DC-3's in use, by now equipped with GPS and modern radios, so some devs will add modern avionics to this old girl. I have a DC-3 and C-47 for p3d and a C-47 for X-plane. I like the p3d Aeroplane Heaven DC-3 the most because of the sound it makes. It was payware but they stopped developing for p3d and made all there planes freeware a few months ago. Not p3d studylevel but enough for a systems-geek like me to still like it. The Xplane version is a work in progress and is becoming more studylevel every update (I am allergic for non operational switches or not simulated systems, I love my PMDG DC-6 but there is one thing that is frustrating, the start sequence. First you must wait 12 "counts" called out by the FO, then you do the rest. If you have to do it a second time due top cold or so, I do not need to wait those call outs, we already know there is no oil flooded cilinder/blocked piston, situation. So I go on straight away, but that is useless, the software cuts the counting sound but it still waits that time. I would love to see a random blocked piston instead of only waiting 12 counts without something really simulated behind it. But this plane does so much correct (from things I find important) that I still love it.
  6. Waiting for the meeting in a few days and after this journey it was time for a relaxing holiday flight. Greetings from beautiful Norway from Betty, Noelle and me. Fjord After flying the modern DC-6 for the most time the last weeks we wanted to try a roundtrip in a classic plane, the DC-3
  7. I only know this version. Edit, I see the Red Bull is indeed different
  8. Fly by wire is not new, even the Wright brothers used it. OK, it is an other type of wire but that are just minor details... 🙂
  9. And now it is 1 april, curious what happens now...
  10. That is why I like the PMGD DC-6. Crappy AP but very handy for when I need to check everything and I need to constant monitor it because it can not handle bad wetter very well and I only use heading/pitch hold. I like that. Combined with so about every system simulated, wear and tear, and made for a 3 man crew. You do not get bored. (that is unless you use the AFE. (I sacked him before the first flight) Only Betty is allowed to fly my DC-6 🙂 And I added PACX so I need to fly a bit constant instead of like I am drunk because I watch the meters more then the navigation (only VOR to VOR) On my way to Geneva as pilot for the KLM in A pilot's life
  11. Mine was too, somebody entered hours while I had not registered them at all but the used value was a lot lower as it probably should be based on the milage and average cruise-speeds I fly. Also, my spreadsheet line was much more to the bottom of the page as it is now. But to be sure after your post I checked the rest and the number of legs was also not correct anymore. Is it only available to members of the tour or can everybody changes things ? This is also a clue somebody messed with it: All lines had the same color over the whole line in the past. Another big problem, the link at the end of the line was wrong too, it leaded to Jim's Epic Flight- Around the World in 80 Days
  12. There is a pdf on the Xorg site (xplane forum), it is called the big tour and based on a real airplane tour made long ago. I am almost through it. But you will not manage that in 80 days, if you fly everyday it will be around 1,5 to 2 years. Most legs are 100 tot 200 nm and ideal for GA planes (I do it with airliners)
  13. Just for feedback, I forgot to track the time but I noticed it was now in my spreadsheet line. Is that done by the organisation based on the speeds below ? I just estimated the hours based on the total miles I flew, That would be around 160 hours. The number noted in my line of the sheet was 91kb so I changed it to 160k I am not counting the 30 minutes from cold/dark/taxi, (that would be 35 hours extra) and flightplan making, searching data (around 74 hours) And not counting story writing time 🙂 In that case you can add around 240 hours. So the real total time would be around 500 hours But I loved every minute spend on this great event. I enjoyed making the log a lot, and the interaction with the others. I flew every night from something like 19:00 until 01:30h
  14. Ja, en bergen. Ik zou het liefst in Alaska of Canada wonen.
  15. Thanks guys, Betty, Noelle and me will be there.
  16. EDDE to EHAM We have just arrived at Schiphol (EHAM) and are now waiting for the ambulances to transport those kids who are not able to walk or sit. After that we will take the Q400 (Quty) to London Heathrow (EGLL) Most of the flight was rather hazy. Not good for pictures but good enough to hand-fly The Netherlands EHAM to London Heathrow Not much to see but water for most of the flight Approach Touchdown in London. Thanks to @PleinCrazy we had toys for the kids, they were very happy (considering the circumstances)
  17. Welcome, great accomplishment doing it all in this beautiful but pretty slow plane.
  18. Is that picture in your last post the cockpit of the P38 ?
  19. Leg 6 EPDE Deblin to Amsterdam-Schiphol EHAM (720 nm) Very early in the morning the noise woke us up. There was a lot of activity on the airport. We had breakfast, walked with Noelle and then prepared the plane. Around 9.00AM the buss with our pax arrived. We were been briefed about the pax and yesterday worked until late to prepare the plane . They were kids accompanied by a few nurses. The parents would go by an other plane later this week. I think the oldest kid was only 7 years old. Most of them needed a bed. The help given by the Polish people really moved me. They do a hell of a job. Hats off. They came from a destroyed children's hospital and we were asked to bring them to Schiphol in the Netherlands. From there they will be distributed to the Emma, Amalia, Sophia and Beatrix children's hospitals. The flight was from EPDE Deblin, Poland to EHAM Schiphol, the Netherlands. Betty became very emotional seeing all those kids too and wanted to help boarding. Go ahead babe, I will do the plane. We had arranged a lot of foam and cut them so they fitted as a mattress over two chairs. Added a lot of cargo belts to fixate the kids and the mattress to the seats. Not really according regulations but there was not much choice, they needed specialized medical help and the local hospitals already were overloaded. We added some extra belts so we could fit, when possible, two young kids in one “bed”. We took off in not so nice weather. It was grey and wet but visibility was OK for most of the time. Luckily we had no serious turbulence. Most snow was gone but halfway we crossed some snowy places. The flight went well. We are now in Erfurt-Weimar (EDDE) to unload 3 kids and one of the nurses for transport to a German hospital. The other nurses asked if we could wait an hour so they could take care of the kids and feed them. They are not like trained FA' s so taking care of the kids in flight was not easy for them. Betty took her guitar and played some music to distract the kids. If all goes well we will reach Schiphol to day. While I was waiting I contacted @PleinCrazy to ask if he, via his international network of friends, could arrange some toys for the kids if they arrive. I hope he can, these kids have seen more then enough misery. Take off Poland Still Poland Near to Germany Erfurt-Weimar (EDDE)
  20. Nice story telling, congrats on arriving in London
  21. Do you need to own a helicopter to be a member of the rotory club or only have a helicopter licence ?
  22. Leg 5 In to the danger zone, again... EPDE Deblin to UKKK Kyiv 340 nm in DC-6B Dixy We made it We left early in the morning, Not as low as yesterday, but we kept it under 2000 ft. Victor did again a good job guiding us safely cross country. Several trucks were already arrived to further transport the goods. Tonight we will help the Red Cross people with whatever we can. Tomorrow we will pack as much pax as possible and then fly them to the Netherlands. Almost on our destination. Landed in the middle of Kyiv
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