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  1. I just redownloaded the F-14 installer and directed it to the P3D Installation.
  2. Greetings all, I'm hoping that one of you might know whether or not this is intentional, maybe I'm just a fool. Anyway, I invested in Prepar3d v4 and decided to transfer my Aerosoft F-14 onto the platform. So far I'm much more impressed with the quality of P3D over FSX. Anyway, when I'm in the Virtual Cockpit of the F-14A or the F-14B, whenever I select Air to Air mode on the right side of the panel, the flight stick in the center disappears. I have no problems with this in T/O, Cruise, A-G or LDG mode, only A-A. Is this intentional? If not, is there a way to show it? Thanks.
  3. So, I figured I'd try the forums since I've asked Aerosoft Support about this twice (to which they were very helpful, I might add). Two days ago I purchased the F-14X from the Aerosoft store for FSX: Steam Edition. I'm a big fan of the jet and the addon seemed worth an investment. Things went perfect with the module until I tried to launch from the CAT on the Kittyhawk in the pre-saved Free Flight Carrier Operations with the F-14A and the F-14B. When I went to crouch the gear and deploy the launch bar, it would go halfway down and then seemingly stop and go back up. Using the Shift + I command locked the F-14 into the CAT, but it seemed to be shaking on the deck. Hitting Shift + Spacebar (My mapped Takeoff assist command for the carrier), nothing happened no matter how many times I tried. I went back through the manuals to see what I was doing wrong and even checked my keybindings to make sure I wasn't messing it up. I tried reinstalling the F-14 (twice) and even reinstalling FSX: Steam Edition. I've contacted support twice who sent me an update containing versions of the: -F-14 Pre86 -F-14 Post86 -F-14B When I tried reinstalling them, to include both overwriting previous files, skipping the files it was trying to replace, and even running the installer as the Administrator on my laptop, nothing seemed to work. I really would love to get this to work because the F-14 addon is an absolute joy to fly, I just can't seem to get it to run. I've also checked my key-mappings and my SimConnect.msi file. I've noticed others have dealt with a similar issue and any help with this would be appreciated, thanks.
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