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  1. I did a temporary fix, by removing any reference to the Airport Service in the layout.json... that seems to work for me...
  2. After a bit of testing, I have found that the "Services.xml.txt" causes the ground services to globaly dissappear from MSFS... remove the addon, and all services are back, renable, and they are gone... Can you check?
  3. Hi, Upon booting MSFS 2020 today, I am seeing an update available to EDLP, which is strange as I already have the latest (, from SIM Market) and the Aerosoft updater shows no update required... Who one do I follow?, more inclined to say Aerosoft... the update version showing up in the MSFS content manager is 1.0.3003 Thanks in advance, Faisal
  4. I can also confirm that there is an issue with the ILS glideslope for runway 27... just did a flight from Singapore to Bali... the glide slope put me to the right of the runway...
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