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  1. Weeel. I am pretty sure my axis works. because I can get her off the ground. :). Issue is with AP modes speed, VS and climb cruise performance.
  2. Lucky you mine is still broken. Are you using the stand alone or market place version?
  3. Hi Hans thanks. I'll give it another go today but there is definitely something off with marketplace version. Climb in speed mode speed gets stuck at almost stall speed fully cleaned up and and speed bugged up to 280 and then she flies like that at barely almost 0 vs for quite a bit before dropping nose to gain speed and rinse and repeat. That is with throttles full forward, VS in climb is not obeyed either again throttles at full power. In cruise speed doesn't seem to increase for quite a long time either at full power. MCDU got extremely messy with star repeating itself 4 times. I did do complete delete restart and reinstall from market place. If I continue to have problems is there any way I could somehow switch it out for a standalone version if I provide a proof of purchase?
  4. Back to my question. Did MSASOBO did anything to marketplace version of the plane? Version number is different and she is not flying quite right comparing to what's been reported by people who purchased it as stand alone.
  5. Yeap. Even with the the legacy on it's right click left click.
  6. So I have to ask did Asobo MS did something to Marketplace version? The version number is different.
  7. Thats the new Xboxy control schema Asobo implemented. hover over the knob right click it'll turn into the hand and you'll be able to click with the left click on the center button.
  8. I'm not sure if she is completely fixed. Feels very sluggish, throttle inputs are delayed. Speed tape doesn't look like it's fixed. I'm at full throttle right now flaps up fully cleaned up and she is at 150 knots and not even trying to obey VS that I dialed in. and then she just drops the nose to gain some speed after 10 minutes of level flight and back to the dialed in VS which is not all that high. Speed climb not even close she just wouldn't accelerate at full throttle and even worse in climb setting. 27K she should be climbing out like a bat out of hell I'm at 25K zfw and 7K of fuel on board. plenty of margin.
  9. Yeap back to inis Beluga for me 2.5 hours to get that hotfix to actually appear in store installing mulitple xbox companion apps and updates. My mission accomplished for tonight. I feel for Aerosoft team who probably slept less than 4 hours in the past week dealing with this stuff. Bird flew pretty good before SU5 though so we are getting there slowly but surely.
  10. Sorry I wasn't clear enough. I was always on default mouse profile. What would happen for me is that scroll hot spots would randomly turn themselves off and on. As in I would be scrolling a knob on the glare shield with a scroll wheel and all of a sudden the curve arrow disappears and no amount of hovering around brings it back and button basically goes dead and after a while it turns itself on again and I have my arrows only to loose them again after a bit of scrolling.
  11. Yeap I figured that part out. My issue wasn't with switching function, it was with scroll really. The the hot spots on the scroll knob would randomly disappear and reappear so I would be scrolling alt or speed knob and all of a sudden arrow dissapears and button goes completely dead and then after changing camera angles for ten minutes it would reappear again.
  12. @GEK_the_Reaper Thanks. I am on default profile for the mouse but I turned off this horrendous lock control they've implemented I'm in legacy mode. Does it mean that for now I should use the lock schema?
  13. @Crabby I only got one question. Where do you get ammo to go to rifle range? At current prices I might as well re-mortgage the house.
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