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  1. Sorry it seems to be downloading this file as a RAR, I've perhaps made a mistake somewhere I can't seem to fix, and it will open it using notepad. I tried to change it by pressing "open with", but not solution there. I couldn't extract or do anything with it as it opens in notepad. I would love to find a solution to fly this plane. Thanks.
  2. Hi, there is no folder for this aircraft? As you have mentioned the "texture.EPIJB" folder, I cannot seem to see this attached with the download. Can someone help me out with this please? Thanks.
    Looks like a very nice quality livery. Is it me or there isn't a texture folder with this, because I was expecting a folder like "texture.EP-IJA". There was not any. Only have the text for the aircraft.cfg file which is above in this page. Where is the texture folder? Would appreciate the help. Thanks.
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