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  1. Fictitious A330 Ansett Australia Airlines livery would be awesome. https://images.app.goo.gl/WXncMpQEsWptZW6z9
  2. ok sorry, I just share advice that works for me in this situation, if it can’t work for you I can’t help sorry.
  3. I have McAfee antivirus and I need to turn off Real Time Scanning prior to starting P3DV4 if I am going to load any of the Airbuses. I have the option to turn off for 15mins and this usually allows enough time to get P3DV4 started and the bus loaded and ready for cockpit preparation. Use 30mins if you need longer. When the time is up Real Time Scanning turns itself back on again and I usually don’t have any further problems for the rest of the session. I do this every time I start P3DV4 if I’m going to use a bus. If you have an option to view your Quarantined files in your anti virus and see an Aerosoft txt file, Documents/Aerosoft/ASC.log this is the one that causes me problems. My antivirus does not like this file, even though I’ve selected it as an Excluded file (for Real Time Scanning). I hope this solution works for others but if not, I’m sorry, but this is what works for me when P3DV4 disappears when trying to load an airbus. And I did install with antivirus off, as an administrator, and restarted after successful installation.
  4. Yes this what happens for me too, I just did a flight and after the Descent Prep checklist I selected Open Desc first and when all was settle, I selected Managed Mode and then checked the MCDU Prog page and I was 4,500ft high on profile... Even when I selected OP Desc in the first instance, the green desc profile dot dived way down. Anyway, I will update to now and see how that goes. Thanks for the vids and the info.
  5. I'm sorry, I am having trouble finding the ActiveSky config file you mention in that other forum post, I'm certainly keen to have a look at it? Thanks.
  6. Yes the A330 or A320 Professionals for that matter don't like Active Sky turbulence. I have mine set to a reasonable level that still creates some turbulence for the aircraft and the aircraft is able to handle it. I use AS for P3DV4, and use mostly the default settings, but change the following (in Options): Maximum Cloud Turbulence = 30 Maximum Wind Turbulence = 30 Turbulence Effect Scale = 20 Maximum Wind Shear = 30 Realistic Thunderstorm Up and Downdraft = deselected This works for me and keeps the aircraft relatively stable, while still providing some level of turbulence when flying through poor weather. It may not be to everyones liking, and please if you have any other settings that provide a more realistic affect then please provide, as I do think I've tuned AS down to soft. Cheers
  7. Would an Airbus allow you to go below green dot speed?
  8. In managed Mode Descent, is it supposed to dive so rapidly? I'm talking from after the Descent Prep checklist, and selecting managed mode descent from cruise level, the green dot goes for a dive of the PFD and the aircraft attempts to follow it, taking it to something in excess of 3000ft/min sometimes... It eventually catches up to something normal around 2000-1500 ft/min but really, that first dive is terrifying for the passengers, Is this how it is supposed to work??? If it is not supposed to do this, then is there a fix???
  9. There is a problem with setting the Fuel Pumps manually and running the Checklist manually, without the Co Pilot enabled. Do not set the Fuel Pump switches to ON prior to commencing the Cockpit Preparation Checklist. Wait until the challenge "Fuel Pumps" is stated in the Checklist, and then turn all the Fuel Pump switches ON, then you will get the required response from the checklist. This is what gjgriff needed to be advised.
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