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  1. Hello, this is not an issue but something that I don´t quite understand. I have the Aerosoft A320/321 Professional product for P3D V4.5 and I recently uninstalled and re installed the product to fix an issue with GSX fuel service and when I opened the sim after this procedure and loaded the aircrft to fly I found that I had an EFB in the window of the captain´s side which was not there before the reinstallation. The thing is that later on I tried to use this EFB to make my TO calculations in the sim but the screen only displayed information about the A330 product. My question here
  2. Thank you all very much, I finally got the refueling system to work. Your support was very useful.
  3. Ok so, I called the truck via the gsx menu, it arrived and asked me to use the refueling system of the aircraft to refuel (although I disabled the option for that in the settings menu) but it doesnt seem to work out. The truck just stays in position asking me to use the refueling system but the aircrft doesnt allow me to do so. dont know what else to do.
  4. This is the second screenshot. This is my Mcdu with the load/fuel page prior to calling the fuel truck by any of the ways. gonna try now with the settings Secondator gave and if anything happens I'll tell you. Thanks for the support.
  5. This is the ASUpdater screenshot. I really don´t understand what it says
  6. Yup, I turned that option on and tought it would solve the problem but it didn´t
  7. Here it is, hope you can help me out with this. I´m absolutely tired of this thing.
  8. About this, when I first used my simulator I called the truck via the GSX menu and when it arrived and connected to the aircraft, an alert popped up saying I needed to use the aircrafts refueling system and when I tried I found the problem.
  9. So, I´ve got the A320/321 Professional for myself recently and when I am in the simulator I use the aircraft´s MCDU Fuel/Payload page and when I order refueling service from the GSX menu I can't refuel the aircraft even when the fuel truck is completely connected and ready to refuel. I've been trying to fix this problem but I have not found solution.
  10. My Right MCDU appears the same as the left one by default and the only way I can access the options for the doors and fuel is by clicking the top buttons and it opens as a 2d window. Is there any way I can setup this options to appear in the 3d cockpit? P3D V4.5, Windows 10, Aerosoft A320 Professional
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