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  1. Nice, that will work. Would I be wrong to put the whole 2,500 pounds, using my example above, in the read hold? Do I have to put anything in the front hold?
  2. In the CRJ Pro, I load my pax, fuel, and cargo through Dave. How can I calculate the weight split of cargo between the front and rear cargo holds? For example, if I have 2,500 pounds of cargo how much do I assign to the front and how much to the rear using Dave? Is this in the documentation? I was expecting to find it in Vol 3 Tutorial. By the way, this is a truly amazing plane and I appreciate the effort that went into making it. V/r Ed
  3. Yes, it is. Well, that's embarrassing.; Thank you for the help.
  4. Is it possible to set the plane in a cold and dark startup state by default? Right now, when I load the plane it starts with everything running and by accessing Dave I turn it to Cold and Dark state. What I am wondering is, can I set it so that when I load the plane it is already in a cold and dark state? While researching my question I ran across information for the original version of the CRJ which said this was possible via a menu in the FMC. I have the pro version and have looked through all the FMC menus but this option seems to have been removed as I have not been able to find it. Thank you in advance, Ed
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