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  1. Hello, arriving via BATTY, active BATTY5A, transition FLO for ILS19 or 25R..., freeze when active transition, freeze active when insert in manually the transition to IAF... i use NAVIGRAPH no problem for EBBR Dep... only at EBBR... (first time for this airport. See you Seb
  2. Hello Dave, starting with a new product is not eazy !!! Airbus Aerosoft product is a good addon !!(the best !!) i hope the best for the future !!! and I'M A HAPPY PILOT !! Regards Seb
  3. since A330 release... the FuelPlanner is crazy... look : PFPX vs FuelPlanner... i check this flight this evening : 5H of flight... final fuel 5.2T... starting with 18.4... look FuelPlanner ==> not possible... Why not separate the FuelPlanner for A320 Familly and one for A330? Regards, Sebastien
  4. not the sun... not in YELLOW... but, i change time to the night, and reload the time in day... the result :
  5. hum, after reasher and call with a friend, i make an error, T/O on OP CLB... not in CLB... i'm sure that the problem... for the Fuel Planner, befor A330 release, always use Fuel Planner, for A320... but with last problem with A330 and Fuel Planner, i stop thisapplication for only use MCDU3... but why difference? why TRIM not change after load PAX, CARGO and FUEL...? i agre with you, when use Fuel Planner, and generate a loadsheet, i have a new TRIM in MCDU3... Seb
  6. Same flight with Fuel PLANNER (not exactly)... UP 2.0... with MCDU3 : UP 4.0... strange? no?
  7. ok, use Fuel planner for good TRIM? i' dont use Fuel PLanner... always MCDU3 for PAX, CARGO and FUEL... i never touch the TRIM normally, in real TRIM always UP 4.0... confirm?
  8. Hello, UP TRIM to hight? but i follow, MCDU3 and normally, TRIM 4.0 for A330 flight, initial altitude OK, i retry next time initial altitude with SID Charts, same procedures with A320, but never this problem... My MCDU3 for this flight : LFPO to KMIA Regards, Sebastien
  9. Hello i had this bug : but the reading light OFF... (in Overhead), and reflexion in pedestal, and rear seat... Regards, Sebastien
  10. i retry EBBR tomorrow first time for this bug, but first time at EBBR... Regards, Seb
  11. Hello, what is the problem? Seeting from my FMS and video... since last update why the bubus, stop climb under 1800ft? and acceleration to 250IAS... and no retract the flap 1? Regards, Sebastien VID-20200119-WA0005.mp4
  12. Exemple from my current flight now... after RW, STAR and VIA insered... not possible to clic on INSERT... FMS totally freeze............... only present at EBBR arrival (19 and 25R arrival) .............. first time for this bug on Airbus Familly... i use Navigraph... tororrow i try to arrival at EBBR with A320...
  13. at EBBR? i test, VCBI, KMIA, KATL, KIAD.......... and no problem... Regards, Seb
  14. Hello Dave, still present after crash... : 1. pilot and copilot chrono synchronized befoe crash..., and after : no chrono for pilot and strange for copilot, (see video attached) 2. need to touch switchs for good color of EICAM screens 3. missing OPTIMUM CRUISE LEVEL if can help you... Regards, Sebastien WhatsApp Video 2020-01-18 at 09.15.34.mp4
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