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  1. Want to update, but the store where I purchased this from has not provided a means to update... I purchased this on April 18 2020 from FSPSstore, and it updated once to version 2.2. There is now no other products other than FSPS developed software on their store pages. I have a ticket in with FSPSstore, but from what I'm seeing, I'm not going to hold my breath. Is there any way for me to update my CRJ PRO? Respectfully, Jim Cruse
  2. Not sure exactly where to post this, but as it is an update problem, here goes: I purchased the CRJ Pro on April 18 of 2020 from the FSPSstore, and was able to update to 2.2.00 when that release came out. Now there is a 2.4.0etc release, and I go to the store, and while the 2.2 version is still there for download, there is no sign of a 2.4 version, and it appears FSPSstore has NOTHING ELSE other than FSPS products in their store. Is this a sign that they are going under? Do they no longer provide updates for products sold by them? Is there any way for me to update my aircraft? Any help would be appreciated! Respectfully, Jim Cruse
  3. Hello, the tutorial thumbnails are no longer usable, and the problem still exists as of April 19th, 2020. Is there a fix for this issue yet?
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