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  1. give me back the money well and no topic, I thought you are a decent company that you can count on but I see that no thanks for your help and I am asking for a refund
  2. if you don't know how to fix it, please refund you are programmers, i am not! it's for 5 minutes of work, you know the problem, so please give me a fix, I don't want to think about it. I don't want to make a problem out of it, but if you really can't do it, maybe it's better to withdraw the product from sale? I will write again what the problem is and do not go on chaseplane! because it was my first suggestion but this is not a problem. the problem is the above-described file after its removal no fps drops !! only the plane collapses, no difference in version 2000 to 2001 there is no improvement so please address it to someone who will fix it
  3. it's not a chaseplane problem it's a perfect accessory do you know it well listen gchi this is more complex scenery are you kidding me? egll? lemd? kord? klas? these are bad scnerie, not small gchi, please fix this scenery again
  4. then for sure you know there is a problem with that, why didn't you fix it in 2001 version? and I am looking for 4 hours solution and you get money for it, to fight and make a product perfectly fit for p3dv5, so please fix it, thank you.
  5. yes it was confusing there are still drops only after removing GCHI_OBJ-Plattform.BGL.fps are stable no visual changes of scenery only on the back track the plane collapses. please help. you can see that the problem is in this file, can you fix it?
  6. I noticed that when I control the default p3d camera, there are no drops and when I switch to chaseplane I have very large drops. I always use chaseplane and I have never had such a problem on any scenery, I do not know what is going on, tested on default and paid planes there is no difference ps. at pmdg 737 there is no much of what camera I use fps from 3 to 15 there is some scenery error! if it cannot be solved, please give me a refund or exchange for another airport.
  7. Hello, I bought a gchi from simmarket today, I updated to the 2001 version and it doesn't help, I still have big drops and I can't fly there, please help
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