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  1. Hi, No problems here. I have P3D V5 HF1, Orbx Germany north and south, and Aerosoft EDDF 2.0 installed - latest EDDF installer Works like a charm. rgds Søren
  2. I had the same 'chinese' entry but deleted it. As for the jetway problems and other, I think it could be related to the fact - at least in my case running both P3D V4 and V5 - that the Geneva V5 is installed in the same directory below the Aerosoft folder as the V4 (Aerosoft Geneva Professional). If I look at the Barcelona V5 entry, it's installed in another folder (Barcelona Professional V5) . I can't see the possibility during install to change the name of the Aerosoft Geneva Professional install folder but you can change the top folder Aerosoft, so maybe it's worth a try to create an Aerosoft V5 folder and use that for the Geneva V5 installation. Just a thought. rgds Søren
  3. How to do that? The LSGG Prof P3DV5 is not shown under the P3DV5 section in the ASUpdater. I have LEBL Barcelona for P3DV5 installed and it is listed in this section. rgds Søren
  4. I know about xml and cfg files and also how to create/edit those files - just want to make sure that I go to the right folder since a lot of xml and cfg files are are related to P3D installations. But I assume that the files are those found in the Aerosoft Geneva Professional\SimObjects\LSGG_Jetways folder (sim.cfg) and in the ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml folder (aerosoft_LSGG_SODE_Jetways.xml) - just wanted this to be confirmed. No bad feelings 🙂 rgds Søren
  5. Thanks for the explanation, but which folders do I have to look in to find the correct SODE xml and sim.cfg respectively. rgds Søren
  6. I have exactly the same dual jetway issue. I'm running both P3D4 and P3D5 and have the LSGG scenery installed on both (1013 and 2000). Furthermore the ASUpdater does not recognize that the LSGG for P3D5 is installed. rgds Søren
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