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  1. Client install fixed it! thanks!!
  2. Dont think so, can I just install the client? or do I need to do a complete installation? Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, installed the EDDK scenery into my P3Dv4 and I get floating objects all over the place. Here are some screenshots from the issue. How can I fix it? I can't seem to be able to move the EDDK scenery order inside the Scenery option in P3Dv4. Some parts are under the aircraft so the scenery is below the aircraft. Thanks
  4. Hi AES Team, I have bought a lot of your codes! I would love to see TropicalSim MPTO added with AES support. I fly a lot out of that airport and so far there is no support for AES. I know you have support for other TropicalSim airports. Please! Regards!
  5. Teo


    Any version available for FS9? I get the CTD on g3d.dll and after reading a bit it's related to the duplicate ILS frequencies. Regards, Teo
  6. Hi! I would like to know where I can download the fixed AFCAD for LHR 2008 as I am getting the g3d.dll crash to desktop whenever I approach EGLL. Where can I download this file? I see you mention it on the forums but I don't see the download link. Thanks much, Teo
  7. Hi, I am having issues with the g3d.dll crash to desktop when approaching the London Heathrow 2008 airport. I get a g3d.dll crash and have to restart all over again when it happens. I read around there is an AFCAD fix that fixes the issues with the ILS frequencies that appear to cause this with third party aircrafts. Where can I download this AFCAD replacement file so I can fix this issue? Thanks much in advance. Teo
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