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  1. Hi - if I may add to this thread... I have encountered a similar phenomenon. After perusing these forums for quite a bit, I guess I have the same problem. I have a new installation of P3Dv4.3 and have 40-50 fps when flying. On my last flight however, I had 4 events where the Airbus would bank more than 30° left or right or either climb or descend with more than 4000fpm from literally one second to another (I analysed the recorded data provided by fs-flight-control, a tool I use). The thing is, that two of these four events occurred over open seas - so no bigger scenery close by. There was also no AI traffic present (neither on the ground nor in the air). I do use AS16 and I suspect, that the weather injection is part of the problem. >> Can someone confirm, that in straight and level flight it is enough for the FBW to behave like this, if the FPS drop below 18fps for up to 2 seconds (is that "smallish" enough?) >> Also: has anybody made the experience that weather injections (esp. by AS16) cause this kind of fps drop? I have read here somewhere that there is a ton of data injected into the sim, but it isn't quite clear to me if that is a confirmed fact or an assumption. >> Is anyone also using UT-Live and has experienced this behavior? My rig: I7-6700K @4.0 1080GTX 8GB 32GB RAM P3D 4.3 (new installation) on SSD Regards, Peter
  2. I experienced the same phenomenon and I was actually passing by a thunderstorm cell. The effect was quite strong but very brief and not very unlike experiences I have made as a pale passenger in the back of some RL-flight.
  3. Oh? I will check that out. Maybe I have literally pushed the (flight-)envelope without realizing! Thanks for the hint!
  4. A quick question regarding the DC-8 as I was following the stream yesterday: how can one prevent the AP of oscillating around the target FL. I've read a minute ago, that the v/s should be reduced to 500fpm a few thousand feet before reaching cruise level? I saw the oscillating yesterday in the stream and had the same problem before. So 500fpm a few k-ft before cruise lvl and then pitch-damper? Cheers, Pete
  5. @scotth6 c'est correct Not to diminish your effort, but I guess that was not too hard to guess. Next time around I will post a picture of an autogen tree... "guess where"... You're up then, I presume. Oh - and many thanks for the short tutorial in getting images in here! @nealmac thanks for posting it again!
  6. Ah! Sorry! I didn't realize Very well - this is not going to be very difficult but next time around I will be prepared. ***EDIT: Sry... I am too thick to get a pic into here. So pls see the attached file. 2016-8-7_12-54-4-83.bmp
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