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  1. No problem on my side, make sure you're using Honeycomb Configurator 2.1.0
  2. FSLABS_A320_Throttle_CD.json I tweaked some switch so it'd be different, but the thrust levers work
  3. Hello sir, looks like the max reverse does not return to idle reverse. I think you forgot the to set variable 2 under MAX_REV OFF to "THROTTLE1_FULL", I also added a condition to ENG1 MAX REV OFF to check if MAX_REV is 1.
  4. Something weird, I can't get it to work at full reverse, as well as variables missing as mentioned by Allan. Need a fix.
  5. I have added the detent release condition so that the reverser would return to idle reverse when the detent is released, makes the reverser cut less abrupt
  6. I got it to work (including autopilot), with sim closed, apply the profile, activate PMDG (even though you might have done it before), run the sim
  7. Thank you sir. The spoilers might work normal before takeoff, try it when airborne with AP on, and also after landing.
  8. Exactly, you can see that asymmetry from the F/CTRL page as well when you extend or retract the spoilers
  9. For me spoilers are normal before takeoff, after takeoff it becomes asymmetric when I use it. Reinstalling P3D client didn't do the trick. I have just checked the A330 sim again and looks like the outboard aileron does lock after passing a certain altitude so only the inboard aileron is used for turns. I found the same thing on the real A330 as well. https://youtu.be/-vhLxEkArtE?t=913
  10. Reinstalled client, spoiler is in sync when on the ground, but in the air it seems to vary. The out-of sync behavior seems to be most obvious when AP is on. As for the aileron, can you confirm if the outboard aileron would lock, and if yes, under what circumstances and criteria?
  11. Hello, I've had some issues with the 330 1. Only inboard ailerons move when on AP 2. Spoiler deflection asymmetric when deployed by either the spoiler lever or "/" Can anyone confirm that? Cheers Regards, CD
  12. I've had two problems here. 1. Spoiler deployment asymmetric when using the spoiler lever 2. Only the inboard aileron moves when it is on AP Anyone has the same issue? Regards, Cedric
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