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  1. Ok that makes sense even I dont know why the controlers an VATSIM aks me for that on Tuesday. Thanks!
  2. Can be that I have a basic problem in understanding. But I can find e.g. KERA1A..KERA2G STARs but there is no KERAX25N. I dont see them in the charts as well there are only the STARs. But even I could find them in the charts how can I find them in the FMC or EFB2?
  3. Thank you for the fast answer. In Frankfurt these Transition are frequently in use. In the past it was just a question below what runway they are but now they disappeared. Does this mean I have to program all waypoints for these transition manually because I cannot find them somewere.
  4. Since the last cycle (2012 R.1) I miss the transitions in EDDF like KERAX25N in all aircrafts and in EFB2. A downgrade to the cycle 2011 R.1) and they appear. A new download of cylce 2012 and new installation was not successful, again no transitions. As already discussed on other places they are not under the StARs they are still not available.
  5. Nach der after Start Checklist wiederholt der PF dauherhaft die Ansage "lights on". Parallel zu dieser Ansage laufen alle Checklisten bis zum Ende des Fluges nornmal durch. Der Fehler tritt bei fast jedem Flug auf.
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