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  1. Hello All When I try to use the A330 EFB ( Version ) and go to the WX Tab to check the satellite pictures, a CTD happens. Kind Regards Nuno Guedes
  2. Hello All The issue I'm reporting, is one that has been with the aircraft since the day it was released. With the aircraft flying in NAV mode, when I turn the HDG Selector on the FCU, the Blue HDG Bug appears in the PFD but does not appear on the ND. When flying in HDG mode it works as it should. Kind Regards Nuno Guedes
  3. Hello Just to let you guys know that the efb problem reported in my last post was my own fault, as I was trying to change values with doors closed and engines running. with the aircraft cold and dark with chocks, I can change all the settings. All the other problems reported still apply. Kind Regards Nuno Guedes
  4. Hello All Haven't flown the CRJ in a while and today as I was going to do a short flight with the aircraft, I try to load the aircraft from the P3D menu, and all I get is a black screen, and a crash to desktop, no error messages, nothing. P3D just simply closes and goes to windows. Uninstalled, re-installed, and trying to run just plain version, gets me the error some other members are getting, plane all dark with yoke to the left. Used ASUpdater to install version, and P3D just crashed to desktop when trying to load a flight with the aircraft. Funny thing is if I load any other aircraft, and then select the CRJ In the drop down the aircraft loads with the avionics working, and after selecting cold and dark, I can start the aircraft. Only the EFB seems to have some bugs, as i cannot load fuel, and the only value I can change is the pax number. Kind Regards Nuno Guedes
  5. Yes my throttles are bonded via FSUIPC. Now in version, the problem kind manifests it self in another way. When I move the throttles in my quadrant, the ones on the aircraft only move a little bit and then if I trie to give keyboard inputs, they become unresponsive to the forward F3/F4 movement. If I load the aircraft and don’t touch my quadrant, but just use the keyboard commands, the aircraft operates fine and I’m able to maintain speed with the auto-thrust. Kind Regards Nuno Guedes
  6. Today I installed the version, but I see the bug is still there. Did you miss it or, is it taking longer than expected to solve ? The ND needs to show the blue HDG bug, whenever the aircraft is flying in nav, and the fcu hdg knob is turned. If the HDG knob is not pulled in a certain time, to change to HDG mode, the value will disapear in the FCU and the blue bug will disappear on the PFD and ND. This behavior is correctly represented on the PFD, but missing on the ND. Kind Regards Nuno Guedes
  7. Spawned by a FSUIPC5 problem also related to the thrust levers on the A330, I decided to investigate the CRJ a bit further. I removed the FSUIPC5 from the modules folder, run the CRJ, change to default the throttle axis settings on the EFB, and I got full reverser range, as it should. Straight from P3D, no spikes no nothing, the reversers held as they should as shown on the picture. Continuing my troubleshoot, still with the FSUIPC5 removed, changed the option to FSUIPC no REV Range, and there was some spiking, and as you can see from the picture engine 2 spiked and got out of REV while engine 1 still hold full rev. I think it is safe to assume that the problem is not with my throttle quadrant or spikes, but the way Aerosoft interfaces with FSUIPC5. I only use FSUIPC5 because the pots on the TQ6 are not the best and in order to have all the throttles correctly calibrated and leveled, delivering the same thrust for throttle movement it was the best option (other wise I get throttle 1 in idle, 2 still at 10%... but they don't spike ) . It works with all my aircraft, and indeed it used to work with the previous CRJ-700/900 Product. Somehow with the release of CRJ Professional and A330 Professional there must have been something broken and now it doesn't Kind Regards Nuno Guedes
  8. Hello Secondator The aircraft in question is the A330 Regarding the SRS I got to work. It must have been some sort of preflight error. A/THR not following the commanded spd was with version, I haven't checked because I cannot use my throttle quadrant with the aircraft making it unflyable for now. Kind Regards Nuno Guedes
  9. I took FSUIPC5 out of the modules folder, and indeed the trust levers responded to the quadrant. They just didn't have the full range of motion, with the quadrant full set the levers on the aircraft would be at flex. When I reset FSUIPC to the module folder, the lever stop to respond, and as soon as I choose the Ready for TO config, and the engines are avail, they go to about 50% N1 without any command from the quadrant or the levers. Kind Regards Nuno Guedes
  10. Hi Masterhawk True, I just checked and it is as stated. All our A330s have the DTO option installed, and DCLB, albeit we don't use the DTO only the DCLB. Kind Regards Nuno Guedes
  11. Hello All In all the A330s that I've flown from different manufacturing dates, when setting the Flex Temperature, the value needs to be preceded with an F. ex. F54. I see that on the Aerosofts Rendition, all it takes is to insert the value without the F letter, I don't know if it was intentional or if the aircraft that served as a base was like this, but would you be so kind to consider it for your next update ? Kind Regards Nuno Guedes
  12. I'm running HF2 V4.5.13.32097. Kind Regards Nuno Guedes
  13. Yes Mathis, I calibrated my throttles using FSUIPC, as the TQ6 Pots are not the best, sorry for not mentioning it in the first place. Kind Regards Nuno Guedes
  14. Hello All When trying to preform my first flight I found this bug affecting my thrust levers. Thrusts levers= The thrust levers on the VC don't move when I move my throttle quadrant. There is an increase in thrust, but it seems uncoordinated, and the blue thrust levers position indicators don't move as well. The only way to set thrust to the detents ir with keyboard. Also with A/THR OFF I'm unable to maintain Idle, either engine 1 or 2 spike from time to time. I would consider calibration but the throttles work just fine with pretty much all the other aircraft. Kind Regards Nuno Guedes
  15. Hello All Here is a bug that I found when using the FCU HDG Selector with the AP in NAV Mode. -HDG BUG= With AP ON and NAV Mode Engaged, if I turn the HDG Rotary Selector, the blue HDG bug or Value doesn't appear on the ND ( Either ARC or NAV ) and on the PFD. It only appears after the selector is pulled. Kind Regards Nuno Guedes
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