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  1. Hi Jason, have you tried moving the switches by using the scroll wheel of your mouse while just hovering the mouse over them? Regards, Marcel.
  2. I made a suggestion over here on how it would be great using the thrust reverser system based on my settings for the other airliner in FS2020. Besides this thread is a tutorial on how to configure the Honeycomb Bravo.
  3. Hello, I really appreciate this tutorial - thank you. Is it possible to put in another possibility for activating and using thrust reversers on the CRJ? On the other FS2020 Airliners I'm using this method/ assignment on my Honeycomb Bravo using the commercial levers: Setup: FS2020 function, Honeycomb Bravo axis or button, use normal thrust mode Hold Throttle Reverse Thrust, Joystick Button 10, does not activate reverse thrust for both engines (as long as it is not being pressed - as long as the lever is in down position) Throttle 1 Axis (r), Jo
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