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  1. I personally don't believe in release dates anymore
  2. Oh I see. I expected more flying and cockpit things. I was just disappointed as the aircraft was only parked at a gate and I know what AES looks like already. It kind of gave the impression that the release is still far away. I hope I'm wrong, though Thanks for your reply.
  3. I'm sorry to say this, but that video is stupid. It only shows off AES and has little to do with the Airbus. ....and the music was very annoying, both times. At this phase of development I expect a little more
  4. Can't agree more, buddy. This is like christmas! (firefox says christmas is spelled wrong. oh great lol) And just like christmas and other occasions when you're looking forward to something great, remember: anticipating and looking forward is THE BEST PART! I'm convinced that the development team will not let us down. I've experienced this before by the failsimmers Anyway I hope it will be released soon. I don't mind waiting a little longer if it means less bugs/an even cooler airbus. I don't buy too many addons since I'm on a little bit of a budget as a student, but I already put the money aside for the Airbus and Munich. Cheers from ETIC!
  5. As far as I can remember they are used to adjust the lighting for the "table". If that is what you mean. (Please correct me if I'm wrong)
  6. Oh come on, stop the silly "P..." It's PMDG. There. I said it. PMDG is developing a 737 and later this year a 777 that is in a completely different ball game than the Aerosoft Airbus. (plus, it's a different aircraft!) And that is exactly how it's supposed to be. If I were able to choose between a PMDG and a simplified Aerosoft one, I'd pick the PMDG since I'm into the whole systems thing. However, simulating a "real Airbus" in FS is apparently almost impossible and Aerosoft is at least developing a nice looking Airbus with cool sounds and some simplified systems. And I'm pretty sure it will work (as in being able to fly from point a to point . [YES, I got screwed by Airsimmer and their failbus] That being said, I'm looking forward to buying the new bus. Do I understand it correctly that we will not be getting the bird this month? I would love to flush my wilco bus down the toilet
  7. yeah let's delay the airbus for another month so we can have these spoilers lol no I'm just joking. I think the wing - flex will not be included in the model. As far as I can remember this question was answered before. Someone mentioned that the real A320 has very little visible wing flex anyway. Cheers
  8. It won't be much longer. I personally just get flashbacks and nightmares when I hear the words "basic" and "advanced version" but this will be different
  9. I would love that! It should be possible. They've done it before in GAP2. Don't remember which airport, though...It has a taxiway bridge with real elevation!
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