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  1. Cold fuel is something of an occupational hazard with high-flying A/C. Besides descending to a lower altitude, I've read that increasing speed (increased friction on the wings=fuel tank warming to an extent). As mentioned above, dispatch would be aware of freeze points and a fuel with a lower freeze point can be ordered. As an aside, a competitor's MD-11 models dropping fuel temps as well as engine failure if and when the temps fall too low and/or the wrong fuel was selected. I've also noticed that REX weather seems to report colder temps than ASE, so advance planning is really needed.
  2. Sorry to say I have it here too. I've made about a dozen manual landings so far. Loads averaged about 3/4 full (pax & cargo) and fuel ranging from 75 to 20%. ASE was used for weather about half the time. In all but one case, the nose started dropping within several hundred feet of the ground, and the landings were a mess. On one occasion, it flew beautifully all the way through touchdown. I hope this is addressed soon because this tendency kind of kills the experience for me in this good looking plane.
  3. Thanks for looking, Steve. I'll keep playing around with it and let you know if I find anything interesting. Dave Skuback
  4. I sent you an email with two plans; one works & the other doesn't. Yes, the two rotaries were positioned as you say, and number 1 showed in the FP area. After pressing insert at KEWR, the status light simply stays orange, as if the key press were dead. When at KSEA, the same steps work very well. Dave Skuback
  5. Hi Bjorn, Re. #1: Yes, I pressed insert, but mostly without effect. And yes, there was a plan named as you indicate. Yesterday, I did find that I was unable to load the plan when in KEWR or KMCO (default scenery at KEWR & custom at KMCO). Each time, I created a new plan named "1.pln". When I was unable to load the plan there, I moved the plane to KSEA (default scenery) where I was able to create & load "1.pln" (KSEA-KBOS). It works at KSEA using the same button pressing that didn't work a few minutes earlier. Really frustrating, especially since I really like this model. Help. Dave Skuback
  6. First, I have to admit that due to time constraints, I will frequently launch a flight with the engines running and all systems engaged, as in right after initial loading. After positioning the plane where I want it, and after converting an FSX plan with the converter tool, I then follow the steps on page 18 & 19. However, while this initially worked for me, the last several attempts didn't. The set-up works fine through the steps on page 18; I have the orange light on in the upper left of the CDU/INS. But, when I left click number one, the plan number I assigned, nothing appears on the data screen. This happened about 5 times in a row (i.e. starting & stopping FSX after each failed attempt). Then, yesterday, it worked once, but I've been unable to get it to load again. This happens whether I choose an FSX-created plan, or one that was converted. I really don't think the plan has anything to do with it since the CDU/INS buttons, though appropriately lit, seen to be unresponsive. That's one problem. Also, when I try to convert a plan created with FSBuild, I get the following error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. (parse_file::ParseLinesFMC1) When I create a plan using the FSX planner, before yesterday it loaded OK (didn't need conversion). Also, when I select some plans probably created by one of the many add-on's I have, the plan converts well. NOT with FSBuild, however. This is with Win7, with admin. permissions. FSX with SP2. In each case, I've been trying to load with the enginges and systems running. It worked for the first several times I did it. I deleted and reinstalled V1.20 twice so far, no luck. I've attached the plan I'm using, unzipped. Thanks, Dave
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