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  1. Dear Aerosoft team, Mathijs, My new A330 is a neverending pleasure. At last, you did it ! Smooth, high performance, effective FMC functions. Wouaw. Some people would say that it should probably still be improved. Okay. But I can say that "Professional" is a well desserved title. I have done 6 flights over Europe and couldn't find any significant bug. Prima ! Dom Mason
  2. I have unstalled Fsdreamteam GSX2 and the problem is solved. It is not a problem with a scenery conflict since FSDT LSGG was uninstalled already. Its probably a conflict between GSX2, Sode and GENF. Obviously, developers are not talking together. So its always a pain in the ass for customers. Specials thanks to Aerosoft, who did not help on my support request. Dom Mason
  3. Good day I am installing the scenery, the first flight is okay but then, when i am reloading the flight, the round terminals are missing. It happened 2 times. is this another typical conflict with Sode or GSX ? Please help me Dom mason Config Windows 10 64bits/GSX 2/FTX Global/
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