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  1. Ok, thanks for your replies guys. It is a shame... I think will buy never if this situation stands so unclear. Bye. RR
  2. This offer seems to be not so clear in my opinion...
  3. Hi, I am a new member here and need your help or any reply by Aerosoft Management. In these days several Aerosoft products are on sale. For example, the France 2 and the Scandinavian airports 1 are sold with a 50% discount (10 Euros instead for 19.99, as reported on the homepage). Unfortunately, when I add to cart the France 2 addon and proceed with the checkout I see the full price €19.95 and not 10. I did not go ahead because next step was the purchase's confirmation. Furthermore, by clicking on the 50% discount link on the left side bar I cannot see the Scandinavian airports 1 within the list of discounted stuffs, so I want to know if it is on sale or not. Thanks. Bye. Riccardo
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