Recently we have seen a lot of codes used to unlock our products being offered for discounted prices. Almost all of them are bought using stolen credit cards. These codes will all be blocked by our systems and you will have to try to get your money back from the seller, we are unable to assist in these matters. Do be very careful when you see a deal that is almost too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I wasn't to sure if I had posted this question on the right forumn as I know it was TML Studios that developed the game and not Aerosoft. I did get a reply back from the Aerosoft team. They asked me to check whether the main CBS folder is write protected and it is then to disable the write protection but I have been unable to check this as for some reason there is no prompt for this when I go to check the write protection on the folder. Thanks again Regards James
  2. Hi, I am having problems with a just in time error in my City Bus Sim game. The error comes up when I am playing the game in free mode and then try to go back to the main menu. The error comes up with the following message: An unhandled win32 exception occured in CBS.exe (2044). Just in time debugging this exception failed with the following error: no installed debugger It then goes onto gives me insutrctions on how to access the just in time menu via Visual Studio and provides the following instructions in Visual Studio. tools / options / debugging / just in time. I have Visual Studio 2008 installed on my laptop but don't really know how to use it as it was put in when I installed Expressions Studio 2. As I say the bug only hits the game hard when I am trying to get back to the main menu from free mode. I have had this error come up when I have been playing in mission and campaign modes but I cannot give exact chapters or missions where the bug has come up. I have never come across just in time errors before in games although I know its a programming term. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or if someone could give me any ideas on how to fix the error? Thanks Regards James
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