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  1. Yes, I've read that and I realize that everyone can't reply to an email within a cupple of days. I just thought I'd let Mewt know that I'd done it before him and not gotten anyrhing so it might take a while
  2. It's been said earlier in the thread (multiple times) that we get previews every Wednesday. So, please stop asking and cluttering the thread when it's not even Wednesday. *not necessarily every Wednesday anymore because the modeling phase is perhaps done, so there might not be anything new to show that isn't a few thousand lines of code? I don't know that for sure though, but in the same way that the product comes out when it comes out the previews come when there is something more tangible to show.
  3. Whaaaaaa? There`s plenty of other UK twotter operators that I`d say are more prevalent than Skybus. You know? Highlands and Islands, Loganair...
  4. As always the team are showing faith in asobo and think that they´ll resolve the issue. I don´t know about that, but we´ll see...
  5. If not I'm sure someone in tje community will make it very quickly after release.
  6. All the better. I was writing my reply when I saw "Hans Hartmann replied"...
  7. Well, yes. At least most of them have an autopilot. It's my understanding that the avionics and systems vary quite a lot from aircraft to aircraft. So, I don't know what model.
  8. SAS's callsign is Scandinavian, not just Scandi...
  9. Maybe the animations just haven't been made yet. The modeling and animation stages are two very separate and distinct parts of making an aircraft, the sim doesn't just automatically know where the propeller is and how it should spin.
  10. Also, I forgot to add to this that I've translated two manuals by myself, so if the 2nd option is true, would that equal to 6 downloads (5 excluding the CRJ that I've already gotten for free)?
  11. Just a question about the post above: Is it three free downloads as in up to three copies of the CRJ for groups of people translating manuals or is it three free downloads from the store (so if an entire manual was translated by a single person that person will get three different downloads to themselves)? Here's the post from the screenshot: @Mathijs Kok
  12. I wouldn't say groundbreaking lol. I'll look at it though, tend to look for liveries before making them too, but I forgot to once. That was now, the one time when it actually mattered....
  13. Might look at making some toothpaste, yeah. I made the new livery per request and then I saw that someone else had done it before me XD
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