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  1. Dear all, I am looking to build a throttle quadrant with the Arduino nano (I think - I will have to check). Could anyone help me or point me in the right direction to a step-by-step tutorial?  Many thanks, Alexander
  2. Open a new topic, this one is considered closed
  3. Is it possible to do shared cockpit with one pilot flying the Professional and one pilot flying the AXE?
  4. You are welcome to fly by yourself, however, the experience is enhanced by shared cockpit. Please can you tell me which flights you will be available to fly so I can add you to the lists
  5. Dear All, I am organising a shared cockpit full multi-crew VATSIM group flight session along with other Virtual Airlines. We will be flying from London to Innsbruck and back to start the day, then doing a couple of UK hops, amassing to 9 flights in total on Saturday and 10 flights in total on Sunday. We will be using a combination of the Aerosoft Airbus A320 family (NOT Professional version, unless you find someone else with P3D v4 who flies it) and the Majestic Q400 (remember you must have at least the Professional version for the shared cockpit function to work) I will attach a more in depth schedule showing the timings, flight numbers etc. All flights will be flown on the VATSIM network, and there will be Full ATC for the UK flights due to VATSIM cross the pond. Everyone interested please do respond with your availability and I will organise rostering on Friday. In response please include which aircraft you will be flying, your name, your experience on the aircraft, which Virtual Airline (if applicable) and if you fly for a Virtual Airline, your ranking with that Virtual Airline. Please also note that you are more than welcome to join us in an aircraft which does not have shared cockpit functionality, for example the PMDG 737. Many thanks, Alexander Naughton
  6. Isn’t there a 64 bit FSX though? Or if you managed to run FSX as 64 bit would it work?
  7. Dear all, is there a way to make P3D v4 aircraft compatible with FSX?
  8. Is the A320 professional compatible with FSX
  9. Airbus A319 British Airways or easyJet Gatwick to Innsbruck at 05:35 and then return to Gatwick. if free more flights
  10. Dear all, I am flying some flights this weekend in the Aerosoft A319 this weekend for British airways and I am looking for a co pilot, for rotation between PF and PNF, to fly the flights - any experience accepted. It will mainly entail Innsbruck and back from Gatwick and then to Jersey and back, the rest is up for agreement many thanks, Alexander Naughton
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