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  1. Heinz, I purchased a subscription to Navigraph. I did this because the new Premier 1A add-on was out of date on the FMS Data computer. I tried to dowload the FMS Data program and update from Navigraph, but it did not work. I see the Navigraph file/folder on my desktop, but the Premier 1A did not update. Can you walk me through the process to apply this correctly to X-plane? Thanks!
  2. Wow, thanks Heinz. I did not realize the Carenado SR22 is for Xplane 10 only. I tried downloading the Premier 1A from Carenado and the same thing happened. Are there any similar add-ons from Carenado that will work on XPlane 11? What other add-on manufacturer's should I investigate for aircraft that will work with XPlane 11 ? Thanks again for the input...........VERY helpful !!
  3. That worked !! Thanks so much. Now I have a new problem. I tried downloading a Carenado Cirrus SR22, but it will not download/install properly. The plane shows up but the avionics and everything else does not respond. Carenado support can't help me. They say its' an X-plane download problem. The plane will show up in the livery, but is painted white instead of red. And, the pilot's legs are protruding from underneath the fuselage. Very Strange. So, it seems as though the download is not completely installing itself. what is the step by step procedure for downloading and installing add-on aircraft for X-plane. In FSX, everything was automatic. So, I'm new at this. Thanks again!
  4. Thanks, Heinz. I will follow proper protocol from here on with regards to the forum. As for my problem, how do I physically move the X-Plane.exe file into the X-Plane folder? The X-Plane will run if I use the installer.exe file everytime. But, that is not what I want to do each time.
  5. I purchased and downloaded X-Plane 11 yesterday. I purchased a brand new gaming computer strictly for this purpose. So, there is NOTHING on this new computer. Everything seemed to download properly. However, now when I click on the X-Plane short cut, and the X-Plane icon, I receive an error message: The x-plane executable is in the wrong place. Please make sure it is in your main x-plane installation folder. I am not very good at computer issues/problems. So, any advice or hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I purchased and downloaded X-Plane 11 yesterday. I bought a brand new computer (ibuypower) and Samsung 55" tv to use as the computer screen only. I have been an FSX user for 10 years and was ready for something different (better?). My problem is, I can't open X-Plane 11 either through the "short-cut" on the desk top, nor the X-Plane icon. The error message is......"The X-Plane executable is in the wrong place". I am not very proficient at computer issues, so any advice or help is appreciated! Thanks!
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