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  1. Hi Mathijs, Well, i did check, and i confirm that i'am in Managed Lateral Guidance mode. Plane do not follow the path. If i switch to Selected Lateral Guidance and give him a HDG, he follows the HDG. But, i want GPS NAV. So, what should i do ? im lost. Here a screenshot : Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi Mathijs, Not at all, i will check now about theses two modes. Thanks a lot.
  3. Hi Guys, On professionals a320 and also a321 , i have 2 troubles: - Once my MCDU is setup correctly, the "PERF page" always show the "Take OFF page". So, im always stuck on "Climb into Cruise Level" mode, and checklist never continue, even when i reach the FL which is set. - Autopilot does not follow the right path , from takeoff to the first next VOR. It continues his way, straight to infinite, and never turn, just like if GPS is not working. I need help please, thanks !
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