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  1. Hi, So, Gate Echo 6 missing solved.... Echo 6 in ATC/FSX airport menu = Block 1 in AES menu Regards. Richard Portier
  2. Hello, All in the title... Seems there is not the fret gate Echo6 in the AES's menu at LPPT... Thanks in advance Best Regards. Richard Portier
  3. HI, It works like a charm. Thanks a lot....and ...thank you again for your good work. Best Regards. Richard Portier
  4. Hi Myself , Concerning the first problem (gate E1 at LPPT) : solved (just used the resync/repair option in AESHelp). So, for the second problem NOT solved, all the Exxx gates are not in AES menu (F1-F2-F3 FollowMeCar....). Please, is there someone here to help me to understand what happens ? Thanks in advance. Regards. Richard Portier
  5. Hello again, Sorry but there is a second problem.... I don't know if this is an AES or Mega Airport Lisbon problem but it seems that AES don't know the E223 (all the E22x gate) gate at LPPT. What is wrong ? I have AES with many airports, I had no problem until today... Thank you in advance. Best Regards. Richard Portier
  6. Hello, At first, thank you for this great program !!! I have the following problem : the "follow me" car seems not to work for the gate E1 at LPPT... The car goes to an other place (in front of a big hangar located behind the E1 gate). FSX, Aerosoft LPPT, AES 2.07, Windows XP pro... Best Regards. Richard Portier
  7. AF2_KCGX.zip Hello Sascha, Done. Have a nice flight. Regards Richard Portier
  8. Hi Sascha, No problem, my pleasure... This is I made with the BGL : -Changed width of path (no more problem with ATC) -Added center line checked on path (now parking are visible) -Changed "Meigs" by "KCGX" in the Atis's comms (now ATIS is in the menu of ATC) This is the upload/version. Concerning ILS I found on the web : Meigs was approach VFR only. So, there are not ILS in this version. I think there was just Vasi. I work on but I don't found the correct values to have correct approach at this time. Now the questions : How to upload the file ? and, do I rename your BGL with original name ? Regards. Richard Portier
  9. I answer to myself and to users who have the problem with ATC not reinitializing after parking In the BGL concerning Meigs, some taxi/parking links have Width=0, this is the problem. I changed with value >0 (70) and all works fine now. It seems Meigs was not completely finished. Perhaps an update is expected ? Yes ? No? Regards. Richard Portier.
  10. Hi Sascha, Thanks a lot for the link. The BGL works like a charm. I want to have my hands dirty and to warm my brain, so, I continue to search tutorial(s) on the web . A little problem : after to land and park at Meigs, the ATC don't reinitialize my radio's menu (I can't ask him to fly again)... Any idea about ? Regards. Richard Portier
  11. Hello Shaun, Thank you for your prompt answer. For the vasi and ILS : Done ! For the traffic, effectively it seems more complicated... Much programs on the web... I don't know which is more simple to use. In fact I want just generate some flights at any airport of my choice (included Meigs of course). Any advice are welcome. Regards. Richard Portier
  12. Hello, I just bought US Cities Chicago. I bought it in first for Meigs airport (I started Flight Simulator with Atari's version FS2, sometimes I run it on my old Atari ;-)). Now some questions about Meigs : -May be I'm wrong but was there some VASI on old version (Fs5, FS95, 98 etc...) ? and some ILS ? -I have not seen any plane or airport service traffic... (All slider are full 100% in FSX config) 1-Is it complicated and/or how to have traffic ? 2-How to add VASI or/and ILS if it's realistic of course ? Thank you Best Regards. Richard Portier
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