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  1. Hi Björn, Two files are on the way... Thank you very much for your fast and great support about a very nice great product ! Have a nice week end. Best Regards, Richard
  2. Hi Björn, Where can I post file, here on the forum or PM (in PM I don't see upload file option) ? Thank you Richard
  3. Hi Björn, "Strange that you have to turn up the volume so much for the sounds to be clear!" In fact I choose this value arbitrarily, just for test... If I have time I will increase more gradually to see how high the file is audible. For the GPWS I tested at 5000 ft... I ignored that it was at or under 100ft for the "bank angle". Thank you for the information. About the sound problem it seems I'm alone, it's very curious. Do you think it would be interesting if I send you a "problem" file ? Just curious... If not I can live with that ;-) One more thing I noticed : during T/O config test (pushing button) there is no alarm if the speed brakes is not armed. I may be misinterpreting the manual : (CM3) T/O CONFIG TEST  Depress T/O CONFIG TEST pushbutton and check no warnings. If intermittent horn sounds and CONFIG lt is on, check:  Pitch TRIM setting (red light on PCPI)  SLATS or FLAPS position  SPEED BRAKES position What about ? Last but not least ;-), a simple request : do you think is possible to include an APU sound in external view in a may be future update ? Best Regards, Richard
  4. Hi Björn, I edited the following files : -PBRAKE OFF and ON -SLAT -WIPER -PITCH_FEEL (seems it's the clicksound's airbrake) -CLACKER -ROT I increased all these files with +10db They work like expected now. I can hear them... I will continue to test to see if some other files are affected On another topic, I noticed that the BNKANG (bank angle warning) is not played. Is it implemented ? Best Regards, Richard
  5. Hi Björn, Thank you for your prompt answers ;-) You speak about spoiler handle, also does not work... What is the name of the file because in the folder there is just _SPOILWIND file however the _TRIM file "yup yup" works ! "The parking brake sound, flap handle sound, spoiler handle, battery sound, wiper switch... they all work just fine here. You cannot change individual sound volumes I'm afraid except if you start editing these files. So in your case they are completely not there?" Not sure to understand what you mean with this sentence ? "So in your case they are completely not there?" The files are in the folder but I can't hear them. "So it this point I'm at a loss why these sounds don't play on your system, but I will check to see if I can find anything out of the ordinary with these files." Thank you very much for that. From my side I will try to edit some files (not today) in order to increase the volume with Audacity program and test... Best Regards, Richard
  6. Hi Björn, I confirmed at the beginning in my post dated 18 june 2011 that I had the SP2b version. As I explained in my previous post, changing the files : it works because the volume of the files is higher. I can clearly hear the click flap and ventilation sound. My sliders are at 50 like you... From your side, have you installed the same executable file wich is actually to download on the site (exactly the same of mine) ? From my side, what am I supposed to do ? Increase volume of wiper, slat, parking brake "clicks" with Audacity ? It's very curious because other sounds like aircos switches, wind blowing through the airco vents work normally. The "ding" when the parking brake is on is ok too... And again it's the first time that I have this kind of problem. I hope a solution can be found . Except the problem of external light with battery off, I noticed that with the hydraulique off, all the surfaces move when I turn the yoke. Anyway I like this plane and I would like to have all sound operational... Best Regards, Richard
  7. Hello Shaun, I tried to upload it but no success : "Error you aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" message. The problem is very easy to find. NTAA airport have only two perpendicular junctions to exit from the runway to go to the airliners terminal. When the scenery is very dense I crash the MD11. Thank you in advance. Best Regards, Richard Portier
  8. Hi Björn, On the same page ? Yes we are. I speak only of what you have reported. So, I think the executable that I downloaded is maybe not the good one. Why ? Here's what I found : In the D:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Sound\SimCheckA300 folder there are : BC_A300_BAT_NEW.wav and BC_A300_BAT.wav. There are also BC_A300_FLAP_NEW.wav and BC_A300_FLAP.wav I proceeded as follows : I renamed BC_A300_BAT_NEW.wav file in BC_A300_BAT_NEW.ORI then I renamed the BC_A300_BAT.wav file in BC_A300_BAT_NEW.wav. You know what ? It works !! I conducted the same way with the BC_A300_FLAP_NEW.wav and BC_A300_FLAP.wav files....and it works too !! After that, I had a look on these files with Audacity program editor. I could note that comparing that one of the two files had a low volume. And of course the file which had a low volume was the one which was not played. May be a clue ? They were the only two duplicate files. So, I could not do the same with the other files (wiper, parking brake, slat etc etc...) For information the downloaded ZIP file "AS_SIMCHECK_A300B4-200_FSX.zip"=209Mo (219 472 681 octets) created on saturday 11 june 2011. And the AS_SIMCHECK_A300B4-200_FSX.exe file=212Mo (222 856 320 octets) created on the 04 march 2011 at 12:14 What do you think about ? Waiting for your answer, Best Regards, Richard Portier
  9. Hello, At the NTAA airport there are some palmtrees a little too close along the junction between the runway and taxiway/tarmac. This has the effect of causing an airplane crash especially with airliners (747, MD11....) Please is it possible to fixed that ? Thank you in advance Regards, Richard Portier
  10. Hello, Come back again with the A300 after few months... After deinstall/reinstall I notice there is always the problem sound missing related in my previous post. Concern only some "click" sounds as flaps, parking brake... Also there is not "Ambiant" sound when I power up the batteries. Edit : I updated my audio drivers (realtek). The problem is still there. I must add that the "click" wiper sound is not played too... So, to be more specific the followings files located in the D:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Sound\SimCheckA300 : -BC_A300_SLAT.wav -BC_A300_WIPER.wav -BC_A300_PBRAKE_OFF.wav -BC_A300_PBRAKE_ON.wav -BC_A300_FLAP.wav are never played... Seems other "clic clac" work normally. I have this problem only with the A300. (I have all PMDG planes, CaptainSim etc...) An other remark : is it normal that the external lights work with batteries off ? Is it a A300 feature ? Am I alone with these issues ? Thank you in advance Regards, Richard Portier
  11. Thank you Simon for the precise answer. Regards, Richard Portier
  12. Thank you for your answer... Just to be more precise. If I have not the FSUIPC PAID version, I could not program my Saitek Pro Flight System with the Profiler program ? Am I correct ? Regards, Richard Portier
  13. Hello, I plan to buy the Katana. Is it mandtory to have the PAID version of FSUIPC ? Thank you in advance. Regards, Richard Portier
  14. Thank you Simon but yes I did (with CCleaner) The good news : SOLVED ! Explanation : I disabled my anti virus (with msconfig), I do that when I fly. So, I reactived it, launched Aerosoft Launcher and connected succesfully... Usually it's just the opposite, it is recommended to install a program with anti virus inactivation Thank you again Regards, Richard Portier
  15. Hello Shaun, Yes of course I have no problem with NiceX... But I have always the message when I launch the Aerosoft Launcher... "The Aerosoft server is currently not available. Please check your internet settings. Thank you." It was my initial question... I guess the "launcher" is useful to check the updates ? yes/no ? (I have many Aerosofts products) Thank you in advance Regards, Richard Portier
  16. Hello Shaun, Thank you for your prompt answer... Actually all Firewalls (windows or other) deactived. Anti-virus too. I installed the NICEX new version (deinstalled the old before). Of course the install program (not the launcher) asked me the email+the key, the registration was ok via internet, the scene works great. So, I think it's not a connection problem of my side. Thank you in advance Regards, Richard Portier
  17. Hello, I installed last version I have the following message : "The Aerosoft server is currently not available. Please check your internet settings. Thank you." Made a search in the forum, found numerous posts about this....."program"... But I found nothing to solve the problem. Windows XP Pro SP3 and yes I have Net Framework 3.5 installed.... Thank you in advance Regards, Richard Portier
  18. Hello, May be I'm wrong but it seems there are not Aeslite animation on Monastir airport... FSX Accel, Windows XP pro SP3, Monastir from "Hollidays Airport" Aerosoft Thank you in advance Regards, Richard Portier
  19. Hi Björn, I confirm : SP2b and yes it seems all switches play correctly. I have too the air sound when I connect Pneumatic... Regards, Richard
  20. Hi Björn, I set slats and flaps with joystick inputs : Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System. Edit : I tried with mouse too and there is no click sound... Regards, Richard
  21. Hi Björn, I found the solution and I had confirmation on the Simcheck forum. I thought to post here to say "solved" ;-). An other clue is to load directly from the saved file. Double click on then...just done... I had the same problem with a B727 from an other editor. I don't understood because the tutorial says to start FSX with Cessna then load directly the A300 saved file. With a C&D plane or with Hyd off, I noticed the ailerons move if I use yoke (extern and intern view). May be I'm wrong but I think they should not. What about my question in my previous post concerning the fact there are no clicks sound with flaps or slats ? Thank you very much. Regards Richard
  22. Hi, I have the following problem : When I load a saved flight, the situation don't load the setting's parameters. Same problem with the tutorial situation or any situation created. For example I save a C&D situation. After to reload it, the plane is not in C&D (elect power on). For info : I start FSX with Cessna all shutdown situation. I deinstalled the A300, reloaded and reinstalled the Simcheck A300 but no way. Allways the same problem. Any idea please someone ? Regards, Richard
  23. Hi Björn, Thanks for your prompt answer. I understand but the file BC_A300_FLAP_ NEW.wav is just click sound it's not the flap or slat sound during expand or retraction.... About "Not sure what you mean by cockpit start-up sound though". With cockpit C&D I connect the bat ON in the elec panel. May be I'm wrong but normally there is an "ambiance" sound played ( BC_A300_BAT_NEW.wav) ? No ? Please if you have the time of course can you listen these two wav files (more clear to understand what I mean). Thanks in advance. Regards Richard Portier
  24. Hello, After purchased the download version and installed the Simcheck A300 Ver 1.2b, it seems there are some sounds not played... Ex : No sound for Flaps, Slats, no "cockpit" sound when I power on the plane (BC_A300_FLAP_ NEW.wav or BC_A300_BAT_NEW.wav). These sounds are in the sound folder but not played in the sim. FSX SP2 Accel, Windows XP3 pro What's wrong ? Thank you in advance. Best Regards. Richard Portier
  25. Hello, I tried twice to load Holiday Airports for FSX. Every time this is a corrupt file... So.....What.... ? Thanks in advance Best Regards. Richard Portier FSX, XP3Pro The problem seems solved, I retried today and.... no more problem...Downloaded, installed and enjoyed ;=)
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