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  1. You are correct Ron, I've just been switching from the Cessna out of habit. I think I was once advised to do this but I can't remember when and what for, it's just on of those things that kinda stuck!
  2. Ok, I think I understand now. Is this unfixable then as it is a microsoft bug, or will it be possible to fix it in the upcoming SP? I've read somewhere that FSUIPC has an option to make the FSX battery have infinite charge (Original Post), do you think this would be an effective way of fixing this? Thanks Marcel
  3. Just had the original issue happen again, I had run FSX as an administrator, and loaded the Katana from the default Cessna, after turning off the avionics and engine. Taxiied out to the runway, got half way through a circuit and the electrics quit again. I used the maintenance mode and changed the generator and the battery, but it hasn't helped. I'm now completely stumped; can't figure out why it's happening . The only thing I can think of is that occasionally I use the trike to check on modifications to airports that I do using ADE, I usually turn the engine off as it just annyos me lol, but occasionally it won't turn back on, and the electrics don't work. Whether this is connected I have no idea. Edit: I have now also had this problem whilst the GPS is switched off, so it probably is not causing the issue. Edit: Just read from the issues thread that this may have been fixed. Eagerly awaiting the SP!
  4. Hi Mathijs, I took your advice and re-installed the Katana with admin rights, and then launched FSX as an admin. So far the problem seems to be solved, so thanks! I'm so accustomed to seeing manuals say run as an admin that I just seem to miss it these days - because until now I've never had a problem with installing a product normally! The only problem I have left now is the aircraft loading states, no matter what I do, the only states I can get are "taxi" which arises if I switch immediately from the default cessna, or "cold and dark", which I get if I turn off the engine and avionics in the cessna! Cheers Chris
  5. Hi Simon, I've been loading with the default Cessna every time, but I've been turning off the engine and avionics on it, as this is the only way that I can get the Katana to load the cold and dark state (for some reason none of the presets seem to load). Maybe this contributes to the problem; I shall have a go at leaving the engine and avionics on when I have some time tonight. Thanks for your help
  6. Hi all I've read other issues that people are having with avionics and electrics, and I'm pretty sure I'm experiencing something similar. Basically a few minutes into a flight, I seem to have multiple system failures. The sequence starts with the GPS (fsx default, not the payware addon) going blank. It's not switched off, because the screen turns off when the unit is; it's like it's just crashed or something. As soon as the GPS has gone, I lose the ability to contact ATC from the COM/NAV unit. It still functions as normal, i.e. I can alter it and ATC recognizes I've changed freqs, but for some reason I can't communicate. My Aritifical Horizon and Directional Gyro also fail but seem to be getting some power, as pullng the circuit breakers has an effect. Finally, the flaps stop working as well, the indicator lights still work, showing the position of the lever correctly, but there is no movement of the flaps themselves. The first few circuits that I've done, I did without use of the GPS, and I didn't see any of these issues. It's since I've been using that they have occured; therefore I would assume that the GPS is somehow causing a problem. I don't know if this is an electrical problem, but if it helps, I'm getting an average of about 14V during flight. I have applied the quickfix that Marcel has provided, but so far this has not solved the issue - is this just me being an idiot? It wouldn't surprise me to be honest! My specs are: W7 64bit, i7 920, GTX460, 6Gb Ram Cheers Chris
  7. Stefan, would you describe the sound you're hearing as a popping sound? I'm getting a sound under the same circumstances as you; to me it sounds like a speaker popping, kinda like an issue that cropped up in the Airbus X where there was a popping when the battery was turned on .
  8. I'm getting the pulling to the left, could it just be down to engine torque? I also can't get the desired state to load. However once I have loaded the trike, if I switch the engine off before switching to the Katana, I get the a/c loaded with engine and avionics off, which is good enough. Would be nice to be able to load the parked state though.
  9. Updated my location, this is a pretty cool idea
  10. I had a sneaking suspicion aerosoft would be behind this, I've been following the developmwnt on fsdeveloper for a few months now; it just looks amazing. Will definately be buying upon release.
  11. Just saw this on the AVSIM forum, I think the only word to describe this is Awesome! The article says it was an accident; I'm not so sure! http://www.vg.no/nyh...?artid=10030013
  12. That was the 2004 model from flightsim.com. It works ok in FSX but I the roof of the model has some sort of hole and I'm not sure why! PMDG have said they'll be including a Kulula livery in the release of the NGX though, so could just wait for that I suppose!
  13. My entry; Kulula.com. I guess they thought it would help the pilot during the walkaround! Good luck everyone!
  14. bump - Hi Oliver, now you're back, just wondering if you could comment? Thanks
  15. That is awesome, kinda makes me which I never chucked out all my old lego from when I was little. Never had enough to make something that size mind!
  16. Thanks Mathijs, I'll check back sometime next week then.
  17. Is this a Hamilcar Mark 1? It was a military glider designed to transport heavy vehicles like tanks. They were used during D-day and market garden, but seeing as they were large and slow, they were vulnerable to AA fire. Their weight was so great that unlike the Horsa, which could be towed by a modest sized aircraft such as a DC-3 (or C-47), the Hamilcar had to be towed by medium to heavy bombers such as the Whitley or the Halifax. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Aircraft_Hamilcar http://en.wikipedia....2_locust_06.jpg
  18. Bumping the topic I know, but I'm thinking about getting AES for my UK2000 airports. What I wanted to ask is can I disable the AES safedock system to retain the original system that comes with the UK2000 airports (the one in the screenshot posted eariler). I just think that this one suits the scenery better and is a bit more realistic. I don't mind if this results in other airports having to use the original safedocks. Thanks, Chris
  19. Hi Finn, just wanted to ask, will the bugs with the FADEC be addressed in this update? i.e. will moving the thrust levers forward to TOGA whilst in flight actually deliver max thrust (instead of having to manually disengage autothrottle, or bring the thrust levers to idle and then TOGA). Also, the bug that occurs during a FLX takeoff, where the power increases to max thrust after takeoff, instead of staying at the reduced thrust setting. Thanks, Chris
  20. I am sorely tempted I must say, however as I mainly fly airliners in my sim, I would also want to add a couple of their large airports. This added to an extensive wishlist of aerosoft products, not to mention the stuff from earthsimulations: I just can't justify it at the moment . Maybe next month when the man from premium bonds decides to come to and give me a million pounds
  21. I haven't yet bought Orbx Australia, but if I do, I kinda hope it's a little like this (watch out there's some strong language)
  22. Fantastic news, I can't thank you guys enough for this!
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