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  1. Having had a bit of a rant at Flight in my previous post, I think that maybe I shouldn't judge too harshly. Yes, I still wouldn't get Flight for the reasons I've already stated, but maybe being more arcade like isn't such a bad thing. I've seen this mentioned either in this forum, or over at avsim (can't remember now!), but if being more like an arcade game attracts a wider audience, how can that be a bad thing? Sure it doesn't benefit us 'seasoned simmers', but if Flight can take a group of people who have never flown a sim before to the point where say 10 out of 100, or 100 out of 1000 people decide that they would like to take simming further into a more involved program such as FSX, X Plane or P3D, then surely that's a good thing right? Something that would spur continued development into this hobby of ours? So I think that we can continue to have a go at Flight because to us as 'seasoned simmers', it does seem to be a step backwards, but at the same time it could also be that this sim is the one that could carry our hobby through into the next generation of simulators. This is something I think I will be keeping in mind, every time I see a new rant about Flight.
  2. With all the addons I've bought from various companies over the past couple of years, Flight isn't even an option for me. I'll probably end up rebuilding my PC sometime next year, and will migrate to P3D if PMDG start officially supporting it. Mind you if FSLabs make their Concorde and 320 P3D compatible, that would also swing it for me!
  3. Nice idea, I would love it if someone could spare the time for a British Airways set. The vehicles all seem to follow the same paint scheme: http://www.airliners...6544a5a668ce989 http://www.ehattons....ts/uk5015_1.JPG http://www.linde-mh....s_1_456_456.jpg http://photolibrary....w/CGL00389d.jpg Thanks, Chris
  4. Thanks for the reply Oliver, I'll try your suggestions. As I say, it's not a problem, I was just wondering if it was possible! I don't know how the guys at Aivlasoft managed to create their system, I hate trying to network things, it seems that even when you have everything correctly configured in a network, something else always manages to go wrong! Thanks again, Chris
  5. Hi Oliver, just a quick question. I was wondering if it possible to use AES remote with dynamic IP turned on and using a set TCP/IP port? Using Aivlasoft's EFB, I have dynamic IP turned on and the IP addresses of both the host and remote PC are automatically identified, and the system connects. Is it possible for AES remote to do the same, instead of having to manually configure the IP addresses each time I start FS? Thanks for such a great product Chris
  6. From the interview with John Venema at Orbx on ASN: What’s the big “visual” difference between FSX and Prepar3D There is none. They are the same fundamental engine so everything looks identical. The only difference is the P3D has no stuttering and jerkiness and handles textures much more efficiently so there are hardly any blurries (of course your mileage varies according to your PC). There is one slight difference in the shaders which gives P3D a much warmer “pink” tone to it which I quite like. They just need to reduce the pink tone on the snow and it will be perfect. The cool thing about P3D is that there is actually an active development team working on the code which we can liaise with and raise issues like that. We prefer to work with living breathing developers rather than frozen dead 2006 FSX code which will never be improved.
  7. Nice idea! 5. Taken a couple of weeks ago.
  8. This looks fantastic, definately will be purchasing! Probably something to do with the variation in ground effect between the two wing designs, maybe the shape of the airbus design doesn't produce a cushion of air as effectively as that of the boeing?
  9. Mathijs, thanks for this explanation, I also haven't really understood the progression of P3D, although I understand it's likely to be one of several products with the potential to replace FSX. The plus side for me is definately the ability to transfer FSX products over as I've spent a lot of money on FSX so far, although I won't purchase P3D until I can be 100% sure the NGX and my favourite sceneries will be supported etc. Might I suggest a pinned thread somewhere in the forums that explains the new simulators that are up and coming? For example, the description of P3D that you have just given, a description of X-plane 10 and maybe this new GNU TestPilot "FSvNext" that I've come across. There seem to be several new sims on the horizon, each offering different things. I think therefore that it could be quite benefical to the FS community if there was someplace we could all view the potential replacements to FSX, and have them clearly explained so we can see where they all fit in with our own situations! Chris
  10. Here's my take. Flying a VFR aeroplane in full IMC conditions, and freezing rain. Definately madness in my book...
  11. Thanks Marcel, must have missed that one!
  12. Hi all, Haven't flown the Katana for a while so updated to the new version before I flew it again. The magazine that is usually in the back seems to have disappeared. Anyone else got this? Chris
  13. Just upgraded from 2.20d to 2.21, problem seems to have been fixed! Just some extra into for you, I had already closed the ATC window before opening the AES window. From memory, it only seemed to occur at specific airports, though whether this is related I'm not sure.
  14. I have this problem too, but only if I have contacted ATC to request taxi to parking/gate etc. If I ignore the ATC, it works fine!
  15. Chris_327

    1070 Hpa

    Flying RW today, QNH passed from the tower was 1037. Highest I've seen, apparently last winter it got to 1049 over here!
  16. Happy Christmas everyone! http://www.avweb.com...l_194069-1.html Cheers, Chris
  17. Happy Birthday Shaun, hope you have a great day!
  18. Wow, I didn't realise that it could indeed build up this fast! I'll just be more pro-active with the carb heat, and take note of the dewpoint more carefully! Thanks for the advice!
  19. I understand how icing occurs, I was just unsure about how quickly it occurs on the Katana compared to reality. Using the above example of just one circuit (looking at the REX metar, temp is 27 and dewpoint is 24; well inside icing zone), is it actually possible that from reducing to cruise power at the start of the downwind leg, to engaging the carb heat at base, there can be sufficient ice buildup to result in not having enough power for the climb out? Cruise power could not have been set for more than 2 minutes, so in reality is this long enough for icing of this severity to occur? In real life I've flown in conditions according to the chart that would result in icing but I've never seen it or heard of it occuring like this!
  20. Weird to think that it's been a month since my last post! Anyway I've now completed my solo consolidation, which was fantastic. Next up is moving onto nav, and so far I've done a couple of flights away from the airfield, one with a land away at Sleap (nice cafe if you're interested, had my first "£300 cup of tea"!). What with it now being September, I'm also now discovering the bane of the VFR pilot, the great British weather! Having been to Sleap, I was wondering if anyone has any airfields they've flown to that they liked, or were interesting? My schools regulars seem to be: (aside from Sleap) Caernarfon, Wolverhampton and Tatenhill. I quite fancy going to Welshpool, as from google maps it looks a bit like the Innsbruck of Britain! Ideally, I'd like them to be within about an hour (~100nm) of EGNR to keep the cost down a bit, but if you have any ideas, it'd be nice to hear them!
  21. Hi Eric, yes I made sure that I had fully uninstalled the previous version and removed all the files associated before installing the new version.
  22. Hi all, Just installed the service park, but I'm still having a bit of trouble with carb icing. No matter what the weather, I seem to get pretty much instantaneous icing, the moment I reduce power. For example, I did a circuit today at Fall City, (27'C) entered base and engaged the carb heat and reduced power. Took the carb heat off on final and then when I went for full throttle to complete to touch and go; I don't get anywhere like full power. I'm assuming this is carb icing, as it seems to have the indicators of it, but is it really possible to get icing when the engine has only been running long enough for one circuit, and in 27'C temperatures? It's starting to get a bit annoying, as I seem to have to fly everywhere with the carb heat on these days! Anyone have any suggestions or similar problems after the service pack? Chris
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